01/28/2020 Beefing Up Its Retail Tech for Valentine’s Day

Lisa Johnston
Editor-in-Chief, CGT
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Image isn’t giving slacking shoppers any excuses this Valentine’s Day.

The retailer is using the holiday to mark the launch of enhancements to its mobile, desktop and voice retail experiences, all intended to make shopping easier and quicker.  

Redesigned Mobile Experiences  

App users will find a streamlined design, with a new Trending Gift section where they can select an item and head to check out with a single tap. A new 3D feature provides more detailed views of select arrangements, while augmented reality lets mobile web consumers preview them within their homes using their mobile devices.

Shoppers will iPhones will unlocked a few select benefits: Apple Pay-enabled devices provide the ability to pay for items within the augmented reality experience, and Apple Business Chat will provide customer service via iMessage.

The app also now features the Gift Finder tool previously only located on the desktop site, and all mobile users who opt to sign into their accounts will receive tailored promos, product updates and calendar reminders. is now also accepting payment through Venmo via mobile web, and will accept Venmo, Apple Pay and Google Pay digital payments wallets for use within its loyalty programs.

Intelligent Virtual Assistant 

The company is also seeking to smoothen the phone CX, with a new AI-powered virtual assistant to solve such customer queries as order tracking and modifications 24/7. The technology uses natural language processing to quickly recognize customer intent, according to the company, and decreases wait times by efficiently communicating with live agents.

The virtual assistant will reportedly provide more personalized CX over time based upon order history and phone-number recognition.

Relaunched Website

Finally, consumers choosing gifts for loved ones from desktop computers will be greeted with a relaunched website. Improvements include faster load times, more vivid images and one-click log-in for registered customers.

Redesigned checkout forms, shipping info pages and address auto-complete will further streamline the buying process, and a new complimentary e-card service (i.e. Galentines, etc.) is also offered.

“As customers prepare to find the perfect gift for their Valentine, we are pleased to introduce new and unique ways to interact with while providing a significantly enhanced shopping journey,” said Tom Hartnett, president of “We believe gift-givers will enjoy the increasingly sophisticated and highly-personalized experience they'll encounter as they look to express, connect and celebrate with those they love in the coming weeks—and well beyond.”

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