10 Best Retail Tech Jobs for 2018

Tim Denman
Editor in Chief
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Experienced and innovative IT professionals are always in-demand, but the employment marketplace continues to shift and tech workers must be prepared to adjust their career focus to meet changing employer needs.

To help uncover the workers that will be most in-demand over the next 12 months, Glassdoor published its annual “50 Best Jobs in America” report.

The cross-discipline report ranks jobs according to each position’s Glassdoor Job Score. The overall job score is determined by combining three factors: number of job openings, salary, and overall job satisfaction rating.

The full list of 50 positons is available here. A quick look at the top 10 tech jobs on the list is below.

Data Scientist. Data scientists are in demand in every industry, making attracting and retaining top talent a key concern for retailers. According to Glassdoor, there are currently more than 4,500 open data scientist positions across the country, and the intense competition among employers has driven the media base salary to $110,000. Glassdoor Job Score: 4.8.

DevOps Engineer. DevOps engineers specialize in coding or scripting, process re-engineering, and communicating and collaborating with others ― key capabilities for any tech-powered enterprise. In fact, according to Puppet’s “2017 State of DevOps” report, organizations using DevOps practices deploy code up to 30 times more frequently than their competitors, and 50 percent fewer of their deployments fail. Glassdoor Job Score: 4.6.

Mobile Developer. Mobile computing has become a vital part of everyday life, so it is of little surprise that mobile developers have become in-demand professionals. According to Glassdoor, developers score 4.1 out of 5 in job satisfaction and sport a $90,000 median base salary. Glassdoor Job Score: 4.5.

Front-End Engineer. The cost of developing cutting-edge technology can become extremely expensive, highlighting the need for quality front-end engineers. A front-end engineering design approach is used to control project expenses and thoroughly plan the project before development work begins in earnest. Front-end engineers command a six figure median base salary and report a 4.2 out of 5 satisfaction score. Glassdoor Job Score: 4.4.

Site Reliability Engineer. Nothing is more important to an online or omnichannel retailer than the power, usefulness, and reliability of its e-commerce site. When the site is down, sales are lost and may never be regained. In recognition of the vital role they play, site reliability engineers report an median base salary of $120,000. Glassdoor Job Score: 4.4.

Analytics Manager. Analytics powers the retail enterprise helping decision makers throughout the enterprise make data-based decisions based on scientific insight instead of human intuition. Every major industry need analytics professionals to manage not only large data sets but also the teams charged with analyzing the data. Glassdoor Job Score: 4.4.

Software Engineer. The software engineer is on the front lines developing and writing code for countless applications. The in-demand workers have over 29,000 open software engineering positions to choose from, helping to drive the media base salary to 102,500. Glassdoor Job Score: 4.3.

Hardware Engineer. Like the software engineer, the hardware engineer continues to be in-demand. Despite the fact that there is only a fraction of the open positions (800) compared to their software counterparts(29,000), hardware experts command a higher median base salary $115,000. Glassdoor Job Score: 4.3.

Database Administrator. Retailers continue to collect immense amounts of data on both shoppers and the enterprise. The data is used to provide vital insight into corporate performance and market trends. To ensure the database is running at top performance administrators help plan, develop and troubleshoot the database. Glassdoor Job Score: 4.3.

UX Designer. While retailers continue to develop and deploy customer-facing applications designed to power the next-gen enterprise, UX designers are hard at work behind the scenes ensuring that the apps are user friendly and engaging. If the UX is not seamless and intuitive, shoppers will not use the application, and a underutilized application is a missed opportunity. Glassdoor Job Score: 4.3.