The 10 Biggest E-Commerce Retailers

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The 10 Biggest E-Commerce Retailers

By Tim Denman - 04/24/2017

While many brick-and-mortar retailers are struggling, online sales continue to surge throughout the industry, further syphoning business away from traditional retailers. More than a billion dollars is spent online every day, but which retailers are cutting up the biggest piece of the pie?

According to eMarketer, Amazon is leading the pack by a fair margin with over $94 billion in revenue over the past 12 months, more than the other nine members of the top 10 combined.

The entire list of the 50 retailers earning the most online can be viewed here. Below is a quick look at the 10 e-commerce leaders with the greatest revenue:

1. Amazon 

The king of e-commerce posted online revenue of $94.6 billion over the past 12 months, more than five times the revenue of second place Apple. Amazon is synonymous with online shopping and is the undisputed leader in the space, in fact Gartner recently reported that 55% of product searches originated on Amazon in 2016.

2. Apple

Apple’s $16.8 billion in e-commerce sales pales in comparison to Amazon’s gaudy sales results but it is still a massive number and over $2 billion more than third-place Walmart. The consumer-tech leader posted a 40% increase in year-over-year e-commerce sales, although just 7.7% of sales took place online.

3. Walmart 

Retail’s biggest player is making inroads in the online space as it battles Amazon for online supremacy. Walmart collected $14.4 billion in online revenue over the past 12 months and will likely see that number rise in coming years as its acquisition of and plan to greater utilize its physical presence bear fruit.

4. Macy’s

While the American retail icon continues to struggle amid slumping mall traffic and swirling rumors of a sale, online sales numbers continue to grow. The retailer’s $4.6 billion in online sales is a 12.5% year-over-year increase and represents 17.9% of Macy’s revenue.

5. Costco

Costco built its empire on a unique warehouse style in-store experience, but is steadily growing its online sales ― e-commerce revenue increased by 11.4% over the past year. While Costco collects just 3.5% of its total revenue online, it still represents $4.2 billion in sales and is good for fifth overall.