10 Most Valuable Retail Brands

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10 Most Valuable Retail Brands

By Tim Denman - 09/01/2015
Building loyalty is an ongoing struggle for retailers in the modern age, but once a retailer is elevated to the level of "brand" maintaining an ongoing relationship with shoppers becomes easier.

Brand Finance's list of the 500 Most Valuable Brands ranks the value of individual brands across industries worldwide.  
Brand Finance calculated brand value using the royalty relief methodology which determines the value a company would be willing to pay to license its brand as if it did not own it. This approach involves estimating the future revenue attributable to a brand and calculating a royalty rate that would be charged for the use of the brand.

A large number of retailers made the annual list. Below is a look at the 10 highest ranking retailers according to the report.

Apple. For the second consecutive year Apple was not only the first retailer mentioned on the list but the first company overall. The tech giant has an iron grip on the mobile market particularly the smartphone segment where it enjoys unheard of loyalty. Twenty-seven percent of Apple iPhone users have already upgraded to the iPhone 6 which is less than one year old — when consumers go Apple they very rarely go anywhere else. Brand Value: $128 Billion.

Amazon. The e-commerce leader moved up one position in this year's ranking to take 7th place overall. Amazon has a highly loyal shopper base and the kind of brand loyalty that make other retailers salivate. Shoppers flock to Amazon for their low prices, ease of use, fast fulfillment and seemingly endless assortment. Brand Value: $56 Billion.

Walmart. The king of retail dropped one position to 10th overall this year. Walmart built it strong brand position on everyday low prices and an intimidating brick-and-mortar network. While the brand is known for helping shoppers stretch a dollar it is also one of the leaders in retail technology and was named the biggest IT investor in the world this year. Brand Value: $46 Billion.

The Home Depot. The Home Depot took a small step backwards in this year's ranking dropping four positions to the 29th spot overall. Like Walmart, Home Depot staked its claim to the do-it-yourself market with a dominating physical network of stores. In addition to its brick and mortar stores, The Home Depot is seeing a huge bump in digital sales growth, which increased 25% in Q2 2015, led by buy online pick up in store, and ship to store. Brand Value: $24 Billion.

Nike. When it comes to brand recognition it doesn't get much bigger than Nike. Around the world the Nike Swoosh can be seen on professional athletes and couch potatoes alike. Nike's sales continue to increase at a near double digit clip, while it builds both its online and international presence. Nike recently announced that its e-commerce sales have surpasses $1 billion for the first time. Brand Value: $24 Billion.

CVS. CVS increased its worldwide brand ranking nine positions in 2015, landing in 45th position. CVS is dedicated to providing its customers the latest digital innovations, evidenced by the opening of its new innovation lab in Boston this year. In addition to growing customer loyalty through increased services, CVS is also growing by acquisition — purchasing Target's pharmacy business for $2 billion. Brand Value: $20 Billion.

IKEA. IKEA moved up the rankings two positions to take the 51st position in 2015. The furniture retailer revolutionized furniture shopping with its massive winding showrooms and furniture-in-a-box approach. The brand operates in 48 countries worldwide and its functional, simplistic furniture designs have quite literally changed the face of homes around the world. Brand Value: $18 Billion.

Walgreens. Walgreens moved up seven positions to take the 61st spot in this year's ranking. The retail pharmacy continues to expand its assortment to capture a larger portion of the market — specifically in the food and grocery segment. In addition the brand is building increased shopper loyalty with its innovative loyalty program that rewards members with promotions for making healthy life choices. Brand Value: $16 Billion.

Target. While Target's brand image continues to suffer from the ramifications of 2013's massive data breach, the retailer has made great strides to rebuild its brand position. The innovative retailer seems to introduce a new initiative on a weekly basis, most recently announcing: its plans to be the digital leader, a grocery delivery pilot, and plans to hire thousands of young workers. Brand Value: $15 Billion.

H&M. H&M jumped 25 positions in this year's ranking to take the 71st spot. The international fashion brand is a leader in the fast fashion movement, providing shoppers with low-cost entry into in-the-moment styles. The retailer continues to grow its physical presence with the opening of 400 stores in 2015 alone. Brand Value: $14 Billion.