10 Retailers with the Best Reputation

Tim Denman
Editor in Chief
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Retailers with Top Reputations

RQ Score: 83.22

RQ Score: 82.75

RQ Score: 81.14

RQ Score: 80.81

RQ Score: 80.44

RQ Score: 80.43

RQ Score: 80.24

L.L. Bean
RQ Score: 79.83

RQ Score: 79.78

Kroger Company
RQ Score: 79.67

Nothing is more valuable than a retailer’s reputation. Just one bad interaction with a brand can send a consumer to the competition, never to return. Worse yet, a disappointed customer is likely to spread the word about their sub-par experience, poisoning potential and current customers alike.

While all retailers work diligently to provide the best customer experience possible and protect their brand and reputation, they are often unaware if their efforts bear fruit. Sure, the ebbs and flows of the bottom line are a strong indicator of customer attraction to the brand, but it does not provide insight into the opinions of the general public (both shoppers and non-shoppers of the brand).

To uncover which companies have the best reputation, The Harris Poll, interviewed more than 25,000 Americans to discover their true feelings regarding the nation’s biggest and most powerful companies.

The resulting Reputation Quotient, ranks the top 100 U.S. companies with the best reputation. The Harris Poll’s proprietary RQ Rating measures a company’s reputational strength across 20 attributes classified into six corporate reputation dimensions: Social Responsibility, Emotional Appeal, Products and Services, Vision and Leadership, Financial Performance, and Workplace Environment. Each company receives approximately 300 reviews.

Interestingly, six of the 10 retailers that made the top 10 are grocers, with a seventh, Amazon, is making serious inroads into the segment. It is not surprising that grocers dominated the top 10 considering that Americans make 1.5 visits to the supermarket each week on average, allowing amble opportunity to solidify the retailer/customer relationship. In addition, grocers are investing heavily in digital tools to provide a tech-powered personalized experience.

The number one company overall in the Harris Poll ranking, Amazon, earned a RQ score of 83.22 out of a possible 100, besting second-place Wegmans by a full point. Both Amazon and Wegmans have earned their stripes thanks to an innovative and responsive shopping experience that caters to the unique needs of their customers.

Highlighting the top performers is only half of the story ― examining the retailers at the bottom of the list (Sears and JC Penney) is equally eye opening. The aging department store brands have more going against them than just slowing mall traffic and shifting shopper preferences ― an overall reputational overhaul is needed if they are going to return to their former glory.

The entire Reputation Quotient is available here.

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