1TouchAway Unveils Windows 8 Customer Self Service App

1TouchAway Inc. recently introduced its new app for the retail industry. The Windows 8 application runs on kiosks, tablets and mobile devices, offering retailers self service consumer solutions as well as a mobile employee app.

Retailers must leverage technology wisely in order both to differentiate the in-store experience and to successfully compete with the online shopping experience. The application displays product data, a locator and other relevant information about the store. Self-service kiosks can be strategically placed in stores to offer useful information to shoppers to help them make an informed purchase decision.

In addition to self-service kiosks, retailers can empower store associates to better serve the customer right on the sales floor by providing them with product information, inventory and pricing, as well as product comparisons and shelf location. With mobile solutions, associates can have information at their fingertips to better understand and serve each shopper. Blending technology with the human touch, associates can use this new mobile app to increase convenience and flexibility. They can drive sales and satisfaction with the ability to offer complementary items and alternatives. They can recover from out-of-stock incidents, instantly offering shoppers options for acquiring the desired items.
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