20 Cities Get a Chance to Be the Next Amazon Headquarters Location


After reviewing 238 proposals, Amazon has chosen 20 metropolitan areas to move on in its search for the company's second headquarters in North America, HQ2. Amazon said it expects to make a decision in 2018.

Proposals came from across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico after the e-commerce giant opened the Amazon HQ2 Request for Proposal ("RFP") to local and state government leaders.

Amazon plans to invest over $5 billion in construction to open HQ2 and expects this second headquarters to include as many as 50,000 high-paying jobs. In addition to Amazon's direct hiring and investment, construction and ongoing operation of Amazon HQ2 is expected to create tens of thousands of additional jobs and tens of billions of dollars in additional investment in the surrounding community.

"Thank you to all 238 communities that submitted proposals," said Holly Sullivan, Amazon Public Policy.  "Getting from 238 to 20 was very tough - all the proposals showed tremendous enthusiasm and creativity. Through this process we learned about many new communities across North America that we will consider as locations for future infrastructure investment and job creation."

Amazon evaluated each of the proposals based on the criteria outlined in the RFP to create the list of 20 HQ2 candidates that will continue in the selection process. In the coming months, Amazon will work with each of the candidate locations to dive deeper into their proposals, request additional information, and evaluate the feasibility of a future partnership that can accommodate the company's hiring plans as well as benefit its employees and the local community. Amazon expects to make a decision in 2018.

The following are the 20 metropolitan areas to move to the next phase of the process (in alphabetical order):

- Atlanta, GA

- Austin, TX

- Boston, MA

- Chicago, IL

- Columbus, OH

- Dallas, TX

- Denver, CO

- Indianapolis, IN

- Los Angeles, CA

- Miami, FL

- Montgomery County, MD

- Nashville, TN

- Newark, NJ

- New York City, NY

- Northern Virginia, VA

- Philadelphia, PA

- Pittsburgh, PA

- Raleigh, NC

- Toronto, ON

- Washington D.C.

Editor's Note: Three of the locales on this list also host EnsembleIQ offices: Toronto, ON; Newark, NJ; and  Chicago, IL. 

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