24 Product Content Hacks to Boost Web Traffic and Improve Conversions

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24 Product Content Hacks to Boost Web Traffic and Improve Conversions

By Mihir Kittur - 02/15/2016
During peak shopping seasons like Valentine’s Day,Thanksgiving, Christmas, , etc., most retailers can feel tempted to give in to the practice of price matching. After all, it’s no secret that customers look for the best prices.

Shoppers actively hunt for the best bargains, and most retailers feel the need to match prices to stay competitive. But what’s the point in merely price-matching if retailers don’t attract the right traffic and provide relevant buying experiences that inform, engage and convert shoppers?

Retailers can no longer afford to compete solely on price. They need to differentiate themselves by creating a superior shopping experience. As part of their long-term customer experience and conversion strategy, retailers and manufacturers are increasingly leveraging product content analytics to attract the right customers and provide an unforgettable shopping experience.

To help retailers achieve their goals, Ugam compiled 24 product content hacks that are easy, quick, practical and effective to help manufacturers and retailers improve the shopping experience and boost conversions:

1.    Use descriptive titles to make shopping easy and accessible.

2.    Enrich feature bullets to convey how products benefit consumers.

3.    Identify key product features and consumer sentiment via online forums for better messaging.

4.    Integrate blogs into the main website to infuse relevant keywords.

5.    Refresh product content periodically to maintain a high page rank.

6.    Encourage reviews from verified shoppers to build shopper confidence.

7.    Include relevant keywords in image file names and Alt-Text to improve search traffic.

8.    Use Google Trends to look for the most popular keyword terms.

9.    Embed calls to action on video landing pages to direct purchasers to the right path.

10.  Improve the text-to-code ratio to make webpages load faster.

11.  Change dynamic URLs into static URLs for a better click-through rate (CTR).

12.  Provide useful details of your content on backlinks to increase the rate of clicks.

13.  Use in-content product images to boost sales.

14.  Enrich content in category pages to make your website more search-friendly.

15.  Leverage “quick-look” to include essential product information.

16.  Use images creatively to illustrate the usability of products in the real world.

17.  Use dynamic breadcrumbs based on search results for easier navigation across the site.

18.  Limit the link-text in breadcrumbs to more than three words per category.

19.  Clearly indicate additional charges and product availability to avoid basket abandonment.

20.  Allow customers to shop without registering to enable prompt purchases.

21.  Monitor competitor websites periodically to stay ahead of the game.

22.  Add product-page links directly into content for a seamless shopping experience.

23.  Embed schema.org vocabulary in your website’s code to enable rich content snippets.

24.  Limit metadata characters when optimizing your site for mobile viewing.
The above content hacks will help retailers improve organic search results and customer engagement, and provide a smooth customer journey online while boosting conversions and avoiding reliance on price-matching. By utilizing these tips, retailers will be more prepared than ever for peak shopping days and will win more repeat and loyal customers.

Mihir Kittur is Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Ugam. He oversees sales, marketing and innovation and helps leading retailers and brands with category decisions that improve business performance.