This 3D-Knit Shoe Is the First for Non-Athletic Use

Designed to embrace today's lifestyle, JS Shoes has created the world's first non-athletic 3D knit shoes, which are featherweight, formfitting, eco-friendly and breathable. JS Shoes award winning 3D knitting technology eliminates almost all of the material wasted during production and 80 percent of the manufacturing process.

JS Shoes incorporates the sock manufacturing process, which is efficient and waste-free, to their design. The knitting machinery utilized in the production of JS Shoes takes a 3-dimensional method to produce the exact amount of materials for each shoe, ridding of any waste. Through their optimized manufacturing process, they utilize computers to eliminate 80 percent of the manpowered manufacturing process. Key features include:
  • Lightweight: The reduction of layers and materials makes JS Shoes extremely lightweight, with one shoe weighing approximately 4.6 ounces
  • Breathable: The knitted design of JS Shoes keep your feet dry with its breathable material
  • Buy One By One: As most people have a half size difference between each foot, JS Shoes business model allows for the customers to purchase the exact size they need for each shoe
  • Environmentally friendly: By reducing the amount of energy-saving carbon, the process of manufacturing JS Shoes becomes safe for factory workers
  • Perfect for urban lifestyles: JS Shoes are perfect for those who spend long hours in an office, driving during their daily commute or running around to finish their day to day errand
JS Shoes is the proud recipient of the IDEA Bronze Award and the Good Design Award Best 100 in Japan for creative thinking behind the shoe making process and the overall contribution to the environment. More information is available here
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