3rd Gen iPad Energizes Tablet Commerce

Each new release of the iPad jacks up the heat on tablet commerce. Last week's release of Apple's New iPad, its third-generation version, is predicted to add 62 million New iPad tablets to the market, as well as price reductions to help sell iPads 1 and 2. Fast-moving retailers have already noticed that tablet shoppers (inspiring the term t-commerce in recognition of unique characteristic of this emerging channel) have higher conversion rates and larger basket sizes than the m-commerce channel. As a result, retailers are racing to get up to speed with t-commerce.
The New iPad includes a quad-core application processor, a 5 megapixel camera similar to that of the iPhone 4S, and Retina display technology for its larger 9.7-inch screen. It will also feature Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities, Wi-Fi AP mode support as well as the latest 3G and 4G technologies.
Each launch of a new iPad throws a bigger spotlight on t-commerce. Forrester reports that tablets will reach one-third of all US adults in the next three years, with 21% of traffic coming from mobile, some retailers reporting over 50% of that traffic to be from tablets.
Tablets offer the conveniences of mobile smartphone shopping on a larger screen. Users can flip through pages, pinch or zoom images and interact with various features to keep them engaged longer. 47% of tablet owners say they browse and buy on their device according to Forrester, this creates the need for retailers to upgrade the user's tablet experience. 80% of owners use their tablet in the living room according to a Mashable report, the interactive cross-channel engagement must be able to capture users while unwinding after work or watching TV.
Although many retailers have mobile commerce programs in place, it is clear from the boom in tablets sales that they will need to place a higher priority on their t-commerce efforts.

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