5 Social Media Posts to Market Your Retail Business


At its core, social media marketing is a sales and marketing tool retailers can use to drive profits. However posting to social media strategically can forge stronger customer relationships, increase interest in a brand and its products, and drive in-store sales. Variety is the spice of life, and sharing a diverse collection of posts with your followers is the best way to keep them engaged. While your routine posts may seem to be working, switching your social media strategy up to include innovative content and posts is a great way to gain new followers, drive potential customers to your website and ensure current followers are staying interested.

Here are five engaging types of social media posts to implement into popular social media platforms that will keep your customers following, communicating and taking action:

Facebook - Exclusive Sales

Facebook is an ideal platform for posting exclusive content such as sales and special offers. Sales that are shared exclusively on Facebook and feature offer codes give people incentive to follow your account in order to gain access. Since Facebook allows for longer posts and you can link back to a website, it’s a good way to direct followers to special offers and sections on your site. Just remember that followers don’t usually like the hard sale, so be sure to include content that is solution based.

Twitter - Contests

You can use Twitter to run contests for followers to win popular products from your store. For example, a contest in which a winner is selected from retweeters of a post will give followers incentive to share -- or retweet -- your posts while expanding your account’s reach.

Snapchat - An Inside Look

Snapchat Stories are a fantastic way to give followers an inside look into your retail store. From exclusive behind the scenes content to announcements of new products, keep a light, humorous tone by using the fun features Snapchat offers to showcase your business’ personality.

Instagram - Employee Takeovers

Instagram stories are great for executing an employee takeover that gives another perspective into the retailer. Not only does using Instagram stories allow you to share the personalities of your employees, but it shows the public you’re up to date with the newest social media features offered.

Pinterest - Wish Lists

On Pinterest, retailers can create boards that serve as wish lists for certain products offered. For example, you can segment products into boards such as “Summer Vacation Wish List,” “Backyard Barbecue Wish List,” or “A Very Happy Birthday Wish List,” and followers can then create their own wish lists comprised of products from your boards.

Pro Tip

Followers love to watch and engage with compelling visual content, and video is the way of the future, don’t be afraid to implement it when utilizing any of these platforms, it’ll be sure to grow your audience engagement.

Although each social media platform has a different audience, it’s important to keep a single, unified tone across all media channels. Followers will feel a more personal connection to you as a retailer if they view social media content as coming from a single, familiar individual. Defining the voice you want as a retailer and using it in fresh, exciting posts will have loyal followers engaged and new followers flowing into your profiles every day.

Alexis Krisay is a partner and the vice president of marketing for Serendipit Consulting, a public relations, marketing, branding and event-planning firm.  Known for her out-of-the-box thinking and contributions of fresh ideas, Alexis has helped dozens of clients in the residential and commercial real estate, lifestyle, spa and wellness, and health and fitness industries effectively identify market opportunities and pair them with strategic and impactful, results-driven marketing solutions. She can be reached directly at [email protected] or 602-833-2744.


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