5 Ways Content-as-a-Service Can Supercharge Your E-Commerce Initiatives


The Internet (and the Internet of Things) has created an explosion of channels and with it, complexity and chaos, particularly for e-commerce marketers. That’s because traditional e-commerce systems weren’t built to support an omnichannel strategy – they’re only meant to facilitate transactions, not create irresistible, content-driven digital experiences and relationships with customers enticing them to purchase. But your customers still want a customized online buying experience that’s fast, easy, and simple, and Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) is the surest way of satisfying them. CaaS is a method of delivering content with speed and consistency while reaching customers on their channel of choice – regardless of whether that’s via website, store, wearable, Internet of Things, social network, smart device, or app.

Instead of the old way of pushing content out, content is delivered as-a-service across all channels instantly. This eliminates the need for costly integrations while making organizations more agile,  allowing them to add new channels to their mix with speed and efficiency. Simply create content and it goes wherever it’s called via an API, instantly, no integration required. And because content is separate from its presentation, you can design the perfect digital experience for each one. This gives organizations the digital agility they need to compete.

Smart e-commerce marketers today are using CaaS to keep up with new channels as they evolve and manage content across those new channels for a consistent brand experience -- keeping their customers happy with the content they expect.

Let’s look at five ways that CaaS can take your e-commerce program to the next level:

1. Generate New Revenue Streams

How do you target the right customer with the best offer and price, at the right time, and through the right channel? CaaS helps you effectively blend your digital strategy and sales channels and set up successful cross-channel campaigns and content marketing programs. For example, upsell or cross-sell with your content by embedding hotspots into your images so that your customers can “shop the look.” The end result: a better customer experience and significantly more sales from your e-commerce site. In addition, CaaS ensures that your interactive kiosks, such as point of sale displays or digital signage, have up-to-date and salient messaging.

2. Personalize the E-Commerce Experience

With CaaS, you can efficiently create, maintain and optimize personalized content and smoothly interconnect content and campaigns across channels to support your entire digital marketing strategy – and convert more prospects into qualified leads and repeat customers. For example, you can effectively segment and target campaign communications to specific user groups in specific geographies.


3. Improve User Engagement

Not sure what the right message is? No problem – test it before you roll it out. With CaaS, you can create and test different content variants and publish the winning variant quickly and easily so that you can test and target messages to improve user engagement and ensure you are always delivering the most relevant content.

4. Respond Quickly to Market Shifts

When you use CaaS, you can tap into new markets quickly and efficiently by optimizing your site for international audiences, enabling you to more easily jump into cross-border commerce. That includes support for multilingual content and digital marketing, simplified translation with the structured export and import of content, and customized content with pertinent local information.

5. Optimize Content for Every Channel

Think of CaaS as more like a content-driven digital experience hub than a pure play content management system. It gives marketers the ability to deliver content to and from any channel—IoT, web, mobile, wearables, smart home devices, digital signage, etc.—and present it instantly in the optimized format designed for each. Regardless of where your customers are or what devices they are using, CaaS empowers you to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.

The bottom line (and the good news) is that content as a service gives e-commerce marketers the ability to deliver relevant, compelling content on demand through their chosen channels -- quickly and easily. More irresistible content leads to higher conversion rates for marketers, supercharging their e-commerce initiatives in today’s quickly evolving digital marketplace.

Heidi Unruh is the vice president of marketing, North America, for e-Spirit Inc.

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