The 5 Worst E-Commerce Sites

In the age of customer-centric retailing nothing is more valuable to a retailer than its reputation. A positive and engaging customer experience will keep shoppers coming back again and again, while one negative experience can force shoppers to the competition.
To uncover which retailers have the best customer experience and which are lacking Aspectiva, which analyzes user generated content from across the web to generate insights for retailers and shoppers, examined the reviews of over 40 of the most popular e-commerce sites. Through the use of new AI technology, Aspectiva examined over 75,000 individual reviews, averaging over 1,800 reviews per site.
While Barnes & Noble, Gap and Wayfair took the top spots thanks to an abundance of positive reviews that focused on “fast service,” “prices,” and “easiness,” the retailers at the bottom of the ranking received a proportion of negative review for "prices," "customer service," and "damaged or missing items."
The entire ranking is available here. Below is a quick look at the five retailers that scored the lowest and why.
Urban Outfitters. Over 190 reviews were examined for the apparel and accessories retailer. Urban Outfitters scored the lowest in customer service, with just 12% of the reviews examined categorized as positive. All was not negative for the retailer however as 83% of reviews were positive for its products, signifying that although the overall consumer experience was negative shoppers were still satisfied with their purchases. Positive Reviews: 34%.
Rakuten. The online retailer sells electronics, beauty, books, toys and more, and according to Aspectiva the overall customer experience is "bad" and the numbers back it up. The retailer did not receive one positive review for experience and just 9% of the customer service reviews were deemed positive. The retailer's one saving grace however is its prices, 93% of the reviews examined were categorized as positive. Positive Reviews: 33%.
FootLocker. The athletic footwear and apparel retailer is often praised for its innovative use of mobile technology, making its finish near the bottom of the ranking certainly a head scratcher. Just 33% of reviews in the customer service category were deemed positive, with a slightly more encouraging 38% of reviews view as such for customer experience. Positive Reviews: 33%.
Fanatics. Fanatics sells professional sports branded apparel including the NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA. Nearly 400 reviews of the online retailer were examined for the report and just 27% of them overall were marked as positive. Consumers complained most about the company in general, with just 22% of the reviews that were focused on the company as a whole were deemed positive. Positive Reviews: 27%.
1-880- Flowers. The online florist came in last place among the 40-plus e-commerce site examined for the ranking. Less than 25% of the reviews in the service, experience, company, and customer service categories were negative. Interestingly 75% of the retailer's reviews on its "flowers" were negative, but 68% were positive for "arrangement." Positive Reviews: 24%.