7 Videos about What's Next for Retail

The time is now for retailers to meet the expectations of customers by connecting the in-store shopping experience with omnichannel capabilities. Today's digitally-empowered customers expect quick, convenient, omnichannel experiences no matter what channel they decide to shop – online, via mobile or in-store. If anything is certain, it is that customers expect store associates to have information at their fingertips, which is why many retailers are launching mobile devices in stores. Retail is facing a revolution, including new store designs, mobile technology and the use of real-time data.
Here are seven videos about the future of retail and what's next that are worth watching. Videos selected here have been recently posted and most (not all) were uploaded within a few weeks. So, in no particular order here are my picks for the best seven videos about the future of retail currently on the Web.
  1. The Future of Retail
    There has been a radical shift in the division of knowledge-working retail and task-working retail – the line has completely disappeared.
  2. The Playground for the Millennial
    The store is a playground, what type of technology will attract customers?
  3. Are You Ready for What's Next
    Get a glance into the future of retail and see if you're ready for what's next.
  4. The Data Revolution
    The role of research is greatly growing. Retail will require a whole new science in the study of social networks and more.
  5. Precision Retailing with SAP HANA
    Retailers must influence consumer shopping behavior at the point of decision with personalized offers in real-time through multiple channels.
  6. AT&T's Store of the Future
    Kent Mathy, north central region president for AT&T discusses how AT&T Mobility creates a store of the future using mobile POS, digital screens and interactive boutiques.
  7. A Word is Worth 1,000 Pictures
    The Retail Design Institute presented developing global store design trends and predictions were made about where the industry trends are headed.
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