Store Systems

Target’s Holiday Plan Centers on Existing Workers

As retailers begin their holiday season hiring sprees, Target has another plan and it’s banking on a new mobile app to help.
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Customer Engagement

2021 Holiday Retail Forecasts and Predictions

Another holiday season is here and retailers still have a lot of uncertainty to contend with when crafting their holiday retail strategies. Here to help, RIS is arming retailers with our second annual guide to peak selling season.
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Research and Reports

Workforce Management for Retail Victory

Discover how retailers can harness retail technology to set up their workforce for success, improving both the employee and customer experience.
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Protection from Advanced Threats at the Speed of Business

When it comes to protecting your business from cyber threats, we have all heard the cliché, “it’s not if, but when.”  But when it comes to protecting the business from today’s advanced threats, “has it already happened and for how long?” may actually be more appropriate.

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The Road To a New World of Retail

In this vibrant, interactive guide, discover how to address retail's biggest challenges to enable trusted, personalized shopping experiences that deliver profitability at scale.

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E-Fulfillment Race In Tight Labor Market Means Efficiency Trumps All

Learn how retailers can ensure they meet today's new e-commerce demands while simultaneously navigating unprecedented labor challenges. 

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