Acumen Brands Turns to Sailthru for Targeted Marketing, Analytics

Acumen Brands is using Sailthru's personalized marketing technology to bring the most relevant, highly-targeted online shopping experience to its ecommerce sites including, Country Outfitter, Maple & West, Tough Weld and Scrub Shopper.

Acumen Brands uses Sailthru’s automated marketing technology platform to bring omnichannel personalization to millions of customers to deliver a unique and highly-relevant experience for each individual. Using Sailthru, Acumen Brands makes its mark as a transformative ecommerce brand.

Sailthru allows Acumen Brands to move beyond segmentation and deliver pertinent communications to each and every customer based on the individual's specific preferences and interests. Marketers at the company have access to Sailthru Smart Data™-powered customer profiles created by aggregating unique behavioral data across social, mobile, email, and offline actions. Leveraging these individual profiles, Acumen Brands is able to send dynamic and timely communications to customers on a 1:1 level.

Acumen Brands is also an early adopter of Sailthru Advanced Analytics, the business intelligence tool that uses intuitive, custom data cubes so marketers have the ability to analyze their data at a granular level and understand the long-term impact of every marketing decision and brand interaction. With access to multichannel marketing metrics and actionable insight, this new BI platform will enable the brand to improve engagement, increase overall revenue, and build lasting customer relationships.

"We believe success for ecommerce brands starts and ends with true, cross-channel personalization. Sailthru delivers highly personalized and valuable content to customers while empowering marketers with the business intelligence tools needed to understand the impact of that personalization," said Neil Capel, CEO and founder, Sailthru.

"Brands will drive deeper engagement, grow customer lifetime value, and maximize revenue opportunities at every turn. With Sailthru, Acumen Brands will continue to not only deliver superior products but also provide an exceptional customer experience across every touchpoint," Capel added.
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