Adore Me Levels Up Sustainability Efforts with Environmental Impact Tracking Tech

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Lingerie and womenswear company Adore Me has announced plans to reduce its carbon footprint using a data platform that provides end-to-end visibility into its products’ environmental impacts.

Adore Me has partnered with data management platform start-up Carbonfact to spearhead the effort, which will allow designers and developers to conduct holistic Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) throughout the product design process and track its catalog’s carbon footprint in near real-time. 

Adore Me – which was acquired by Victoria’s Secret in January this year – has ambitious sustainability goals, reportedly aiming to reduce its Scope 3 carbon footprint by 20% in 2025 and achieve net-zero status by 2050. The retailer began working with Carbonfact in November 2022 and has now implemented the data platform into its ecosystem. 

The implementation includes a number of proprietary tools by which to measure and track the products’ environmental impact from scratch. These include: 

  • The Adore Me Impact Matrix (AIM): rates a product based on its design and manufacturing features in four key areas of impact areas: fiber, waste, water and chemicals.
  • The Green Adore Me Manufacturing Evaluation (GAME): scores manufacturers' social and environmental performance. 
  • The Material Assessment Tool (MAT): tracks the environmental impact of Adore Me’s main product components.

“Historically, there’s [...] been limited data available on the carbon impact that various materials have and a lack of standardization for sustainability measurement and reporting. This presents a major roadblock for retailers who manage hundreds and thousands of products, making affordable and sustainable fashion a far-fetched goal for most,” said Romain Liot, Adore Me’s COO, adding that the company was excited to “democratize” the LCA process and work towards “decarbonizing the fashion industry.”  

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