Adventure Racing World Champions Win in ADVANSA Apparel

After 103 hours of orienteering, cycling, kayaking, trekking, canoeing and rappelling within a distance of 720 km at one of the best sporting event venues around the world, Buff Extreme Raid Team crossed the finish line and won the trophy at the Bimbache Extrem Castilla and Leon 2010 race, internationally recognized as one of the hardest and most important adventure races in the world.
Fifty-one international elite teams were qualified to participate at the race based on their results in previous domestic and international races. Thanks to good experiences in adventure races and their outstanding skills and endurance, the Spanish Buff team, formed by Emma Roca, Fran Lopez Costoya, Arnau Julia and Benjamin Midena, performed terrific team work and supported each other through the tough Adventure Racing World Championship in the region of Castilla and Leon, Spain; all their effort paid off and they made it in first position to the finish line as the first Spanish team ever to win the ARWC race.
"Even though we had to fight against heavy rain and cold temperatures throughout all the sections of the race, having the competition in Spain gave us a big motivation," says team member Benjamin Midena. "During such demanding and exhausting competitions it is important that you are dressed properly; with the whole collection of garments and socks we were perfectly equipped for success."
Produced only with the best quality yarns -- a unique blend of multi-channel and hollow fibers -- garments are engineered to satisfy specific performance demands, reassuring wearers that all garments provide outstanding quality and performance with evaporative cooling or thermo-buffering functions according to the needs as expected from this technically advanced textile.
Jordi Lopez of ADVANSA says, "Sponsoring the team allows us to test to the limit in the most extreme environments."
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