Affliction Clothing Standardizes Supply Chain Communications

Affliction Clothing standardizes its supply chain communication through Inovis' Value Added Network (VAN) and Master Data Management (MDM) software. Affliction uses the Inovis platform to quickly exchange the latest product information with retailers and manage the secure movement of data and documents between the company and its suppliers and retail customers across North America.

As a growing brand, Affliction needed to take control of its EDI trading partnerships to better service its larger retailer customers. By using Inovis, Affliction will exchange business information electronically with all of their trading partners and will be able to compress their order-to-cash cycles.

"We're a young, fast growing brand," says Scott Hampshire, CIO at Affliction. "We needed a painless, scalable solution that we could bring in-house to stay connected to our retail customers and suppliers and integrate smoothly with our ERP. Inovis provides that for us."
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