afterBOT Announces QuickReceipts

afterBOT announces the launch of QuickReceipts, a consumer service that provides a secure, online repository for consumer receipts from multiple retailers.

Developed in partnership with Intuit, shoppers can track expenses and handle returns and exchanges via the consumer-facing QuickReceipts. Currently, there is a pilot service for customers of running in Phoenix, Arizona with five participating retailers.

afterBOT's TransAccess digital receipts solution to create a repository of digital receipts, delivering more effective targeted marketing and promotions, and improve customer service.

How Retailers Use QuickReceipts:
Retailers, supported by afterBOT and Intuit, enable their systems so that shoppers who enroll with QuickReceipts, can see receipts from these retailers right on their dashboard. When a shopper opts-in for an individual participating retailer, their account is first validated with receipt information (from the specific retailer); then their point of sale (POS) transactions (for that retailer) are automatically sent to the shopper's QuickReceipts account. Enabling consumers to access their receipts through QuickReceipts extends the retailers existing branding by supporting targeted advertising, loyalty promotions and marketing, while maintaining shopper privacy.

How Shoppers Use QuickReceipts:
Customers visit and enter information from their receipts obtained at participating stores one time only, creating a secure connection between their purchases at that store and their QuickReceipts account. The digital receipts from future purchases at that retailer are then automatically sent to their QuickReceipts account, where they can view those on their individual and secure dashboard.
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