Albertsons Improves the Retail Experience for Dogs

Jamie Grill-Goodman
Editor in Chief
Jamie goodman

Albertsons customers in Idaho are now able to use DogSpot so their dogs that might otherwise be left in the car or have to miss out on the trip will have a comfortable home-away-from-home.

In the shape of a traditional dog house but packed with amenities, the DogSpot is a hi-tech sidewalk sanctuary for dogs-on-the-go. Two DogSpot houses will be placed outside of Albertsons on Broadway in Boise and Albertsons Market Street in Meridian. The houses are app-connected and available on both iPhone and Android, offering customers quick and seamless access to the houses.

Customers may reserve a house up to 15 minutes before use through the app if they're anticipating a trip to the store or use an available house immediately upon arrival. The houses lock to allow only the customer's specific app account access to the house while their dog is inside, to ensure the dogs safety while the customer shops. They're also temperature controlled with fresh air ventilation to keep an optimal temperature inside for the dog and equipped with vet-grade UVC lights that sanitize the house automatically between each new session. Customers can monitor their dog through the DogSpot app's puppy-cam feature while they shop.

"At Albertsons, we are always looking for ways to better serve our customers," said John Colgrove, Albertsons Companies Intermountain division president. "Having DogSpot houses available at our two Albertsons stores will offer our customers who are running errands with their pets a safe and comfortable option for them while they do their shopping."

Albertsons will be the first grocery store in Idaho to offer this service to shoppers. Customers can download the app and sign up free now. The service costs $0.30/min and shoppers can use code BOISEPUP for their first 60 minutes free.

"People who have dogs get it -- you don't get a dog to leave them cooped up inside all day,” says DogSpot's co-founder and CEO Chelsea Brownridge. “The best part of their day is going out on walks around town, heading to the dog park, and spending time with you. We're making it possible to say, 'Wanna go for a walk?!' more often and more safely than before.

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