Albertsons Revolutionizes its Product Discovery

Albertsons Companies, one of the largest food and drug retailers in the United States, will scale its retail buying efforts for general merchandise, health and beauty category selection across all of its 19 banners.

The company has partnered with RangeMe, which provides an online platform that streamlines new product discovery between retailers and product suppliers. Suppliers alike can concentrate their time finding relevant and trending products for customers, who then benefit from a broader selection of items to choose from in the aisle.

 “This new technology directly benefits our customers and employees alike” states Mark Panzer, Albertsons Companies Senior Vice President of Pharmacy Health and Wellness. “By implementing the RangeMe platform, our teams can quickly locate and stock shelves with products that our customers want, like organic health and beauty products or local items or brands. It saves us time and money, which is passed on to our shoppers.”

RangeMe is changing the way retailers and product suppliers do business by giving buyers an efficient way to discover innovative new products and manage the inbound product submission process. For suppliers, they are given increased control over the marketing of their products and greater access to retail buyers.

“Our buying teams are very aware that there are products out there waiting to be discovered,” said Pat Dennis, Group Vice President, General Merchandising/Health and Beauty Care Merchandising. “RangeMe makes it easy for suppliers to show us their products and company capabilities so our national sales managers can ensure a good fit for our customers and company before moving forward.”