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All Analytics Unite 2021 Content Is Here On-Demand!

The 2021 Analytics Unite virtual experience provided retail and consumer goods executives with the unprecedented opportunity to learn from the industry’s leading analytic experts from around the world.

All of this year's amazing educational sessions are available on-demand. Just click on the title below to see the session for free.

Experience first-hand intelligence and inspiration from global thought-leaders and virtual breakout sessions to help you:

  • Leverage next-gen data and analytics to reimagine your business
  • Navigate the post-pandemic landscape for operations
  • Identify your company’s unique value proposition to better connect with consumers
  • Collaborate across internal functional silos

Join in on the experience by clicking here or on the session titles below!


Day 1


Future of Business

The retail and consumer industries have endured a decade’s worth of disruption over the past year. The organizations nimble enough to adjust on the fly have set themselves up for prolonged success, while those unable or unwilling to meet the new reality head-on have faced dire consequences. The opening keynote of Analytics Unite 2021 explored where the industries are headed, what it is going to take to emerge as a future leader, and the role analytics will play in building the future of business.

Speakers: Cameron Davies, Chief Data Officer, Yum Brands; Clay Johnson, Chief Digital & Technology Officer, Yum Brands; Andy Walter, Strategic Advisor, P&G (retired)

New Business Models Redefining the Industry

Building on the future of business theme, a collection of CGs and retailers discussed how they have pivoted their businesses to meet changing market conditions and how analytics helped them successfully implement these new models. A host of new business opportunities were discussed, including DTC, omnichannel fulfillment, subscriptions, social commerce, Grab and Go, and more. Hear real-life examples from the field and get inspired to continue to evolve your enterprise to meet shifting market conditions.

Speakers: Ralph Niebles, VP of IT, Art of Shaving; Cheryl Perkins, CEO, Innovationedge, LLC; Ricky Joshi, Chief Strategy Officer, Saatva Mattress; Ash Mehra, CIO, Pharmapacks

Reckitt: The Journey to Insight-Driven Decisions

Identifying the next big trend before your competition is the holy grail for brands looking to grow market share. For Reckitt, it’s been the driving force behind developing a transformative and industry-leading insights capability within the organization. That journey, however, has not been without its challenges. Hear firsthand from Ganesh Sivakumar, Head of Data and Analytics as he joins Signals Analytics for an exclusive look into the transformation Reckitt has undergone over the last 12 months to accelerate insight-driven decision making across the organization. Topics discussed include the strategy, data, technology, people and processes involved and reflect on the lessons learned along the way.

Speakers: Evan Raggi, Director of FMCG, Signals Analytics; Ganesh Sivakumar, Head of Data Analytics, Reckitt

Sustainable Competitive Advantage with Augmented Analytics

Consumer goods companies recognize the value of getting data insights directly into the hands of decision-makers, but most organizations still lack the analytical maturity to solve their biggest challenges — like forecasting demand in the post-COVID world. Data science is the next frontier for carving out competitive advantage, using advanced analysis skills to answer critical questions and predict future outcomes. Yet, data science at most organizations fails to reach its full potential. Instead, the disjointed handoff between data science teams and business teams leads to watered-down insights that do little to impact business outcomes. This session explores how organizations can successfully streamline and democratize data science to business users for better, faster decision-making at scale.

Speakers: Abdul Raheem, Chief Data Scientist, Mondelez International; Mike Finley, Chief Data Scientist & AnswerRocket Co-founder, AnswerRocket

Habits of Highly Successful Analytic Leaders

What does it take to make it to the top of the analytics food chain? In this session, Jack Phillips from the International Institute for Analytics explores the skills and attributes every analytic leader possesses and will provide practical advice on how you can acquire these key career differentiators. In addition, he highlights real-world examples from analytic professionals in the retail and consumer goods industries who are leveraging their unique skill sets to steer their organizations on the path to success.

Speaker: Jack Phillips, Founder & CEO, International Institute for Analytics

Day 2


Preparing for the Future Consumer

What does the future consumer look like, and how can we prepare for them? That is the question on the mind of every retail and consumer goods executive, and there is no clear-cut answer. But one thing is certain: The consumer landscape is rapidly evolving, and only those organizations able to seamlessly adapt will enjoy prolonged success. This keynote session takes a data-based look at the current state of the consumer and make predictions on the short- and long-term changes in end-user behavior that require immediate attention.

Speaker: Jeff Swearingen, Senior Vice President-Demand Accelerator, PepLabs & GBS, PepsiCo

Consumer Goods Case Study: Digital Transformation at 100x

Find out how Mars is leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning to transform its business at unprecedented speeds. In this can't-miss, behind-the-curtain case study Mars' Tarun Kataria, Senior Director Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning, and Fractal Analytics' Mohit Agrawal, Client Partner and VP, Global CPG, explore the technology Mars relies on to execute its multi-year digital transformation strategy.

Speakers: Tarun Kataria, Senior Director Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning, Mars; Mohit Agarwal, Client Partner, CPG, Fractal

Answering Demand: A Case Study in Growth

Anheuser-Busch InBev Companies’ (AB InBev) has seen its direct to consumer beverage delivery service explode over the past year. In 2019 the AB InBev subsidiary Zé Delivery was delivering around 1.6 million orders a year, signifying a healthy DTC business and a great way to connect with shoppers that preferred home delivery. But once COVID hit demand for DTC fulfillment skyrocketed, and thankfully the company was able to scale on the fly, completing more than 27 million orders in 2020, a 16X increase. In this session learn the ins and outs of AB InBev home delivery service and how a commitment to data and analytics helped it scale at unprecedented speed.

Speakers: France Roy, Chief Technology Officer, Direct-to-Consumer, AB InBev; Lisa Johnston, Managing Editor, EnsembleIQ

Day 3


5 Pivotal Tech-Powered Strategies That Will Shape the Future of Business

This panel discussion featuring analysts and end users examines and debates the five tech-powered strategies they believe will have the greatest impact on the industry in both the short and long term. The panelists explain why they encourage investment in these strategic areas and their vital place in the modern CG and retail tool kit.

Speakers: Lizzy Ellingson, Chief Digital Experience Officer, David's Bridal; Brendan Witcher, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research; Joseph Skorupa, Editor At Large, RIS News; Jamie Head, Chief Digital & Technology Officer, Ocean Spray

Analytics Study Panel

To win in this new competitive landscape, tech-savvy retailers and CGs are strategically investing in data-powered solutions at an increased rate as they look to not only predict future demand but realign their operations for maximum efficiency. This panel of leading industry analysts details the strategic analytic approaches companies should explore as they retool their enterprises for a reimagined marketplace.

Speakers: Chris Chapo, VP of Advanced Analytics, Amperity; Steve Frechette, VP, Product Management, ChannelAdvisor; Jerry Stephens, Vice President of Global Sales, Outlier AI; Jennifer Schaff, Managing Director, Elder Research; Radu Miclaus, Head of Product, Tellius

Why Data & Analytics Leaders Are Embracing CDPs

The volume, variety, and velocity of data in the digital era has made it harder for analytics teams to help their marketing counterparts drive better customer experiences. In this session, we share how companies like VF Corp. and HEINEKEN USA use a customer data platform to drive efficiencies for the analytics team that impact the bottom line.

Speakers: Cory Munchbach, Chief Operating Officer, BlueConic; Jackie Rousseau-Anderson, SVP, Customer Success, BlueConic

Predicting Retail and CPG Business Futures with AI and Economic Intelligence

Explore the futuristic world of predictive analytics, and how organizations can incorporate economic volatility into their plans. Retail and CPG businesses are increasingly impacted by external forces, and now with the latest AI based modeling, it is possible to identify the leading drivers and incorporate them into predictive micro-economic models. Prevedere's CEO and chief economist discuss this transformative tech, and its unique ability to systematically identify and quantify the influence of economic factors on future business outcomes.

Speakers: Richard Wagner, CEO, Prevedere; Andrew Duguay, Chief Economist, Prevedere; Andy McCartney, Director of Product Marketing, Prevedere

The Value of Analytics: An Investors' Perspective

As retailers and consumer goods companies plan their future investment roadmap, it is critical to not only explore their organization’s needs, but larger market trends. There is no better way to pinpoint where the industry is headed than to follow the big bets made by the “smart money” — and the smart money has always valued data and analytics. In this session, a panel of private equity executives, venture capitalist, and market analysts explore current industry investment trends and why organizations with a deep commitment to analytics are more attractive to investors. They discuss the new business models and data-driven strategies that are drawing the most interest from industry investors and how retailers and CGs can use this information to build the organization of the future.

Speakers: Sapna Shah, Principal, Red Giraffe Advisors; Roger Freeman, Partner, SFW Capital Partners

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