Alvanon Offers Professional Development Program

Fit expert firm Alvanon Inc. launched a new global Professional Development Program designed to equip fashion designers, technical teams, development and sourcing professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to optimize garment fit and increase operational efficiencies across their respective organizations and supply chains.

The advanced one-day program designed and delivered by Alvanon's strategic fashion sizing and fit consultancy AlvaInsight, comprises four focused modules. Each will give audiences the key concepts, components, tools and processes needed to improve garment development efficiency, increase speed to market and achieve greater accuracy and consistency in product fit.

The program will enhance the knowledge base and expertise of all attendees and help align internal teams working across the product creation and development process. The program is offered to apparel companies worldwide at a cost of $5,000 per day or can be customized to a client's specific training requirements.

The program modules comprise: "Product fit; a technical perspective," "Elements of blocks," "Key internal fit processes" and "Effective garment grading."  Modules are elective so clients can opt for an in-depth class on a single module or a higher level overview encompassing two of the standard modules. Modules details are described here.

Each interactive and dynamic session will be led and presented by an AlvaInsight strategic size and fit expert and aimed at fulfilling the knowledge needs of design, technical, product development, merchandising, buying, sourcing, quality and production teams.

Don Howard, executive director, AlvaInsight, Alvanon Inc., says, "We have been successfully applying our specialist in-depth knowledge of human morphology to the fashion industry for many years and have been fortunate to work with most of the world's leading fashion brands and retailers.

"Some of those clients asked us to create a training program that will help them share the fit message with their wider organizations to promote consistency throughout the product development process," Howard continues. "To this end our new training program is focused on helping companies achieve even greater efficiencies across their supply chains, increase speed to market and create garments that consistently fit most of their target consumers most of the time."

Program topics will include the differences between aesthetic, technical and customer "fit"; who in an organization should "own" fit; what are global best practices around roles and responsibilities for product fit; how commitment to consistency can be institutionalised;  the role of live fit models versus technical fit mannequins; how blocks can be applied to best effect and integrated into a Product Lifecycle Management solution; and how companies can train vendors and establish a better partnership with sourcing offices.

Additional modules currently in development include a "Best Practices Series" focused on developing the optimum fit standards and protocols for specialty apparel categories. These modules will include childrenswear, sports/activewear, swim/intimates, tailored clothing, and special sizes, such as petite, plus and big/tall sizing.

Program sessions can be hosted at the client's site, Alvanon offices in New York, London or Hong Kong or in a local venue.
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