Amazon Launches Next-Gen Back Office Tech

Jamie Grill-Goodman
Senior Editor
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Amazon is taking its Dash hardware to businesses. The giant has launched the Amazon Dash Smart Shelf to help retailers and other companies restock office supplies, breakroom products, and other small and midsize business (SMB) essentials.

The weight-sensing, Wi-Fi enabled smart scale can be placed on a stock room shelf or breakroom countertop, and automatically tracks inventory for commonly used business supplies to make reordering quick and easy. The shelf works by sensing the weight of items and determines when a business is running low. Then, it places a reorder. Users can alternately choose to get low-inventory notifications instead or automatic reorders.

The shelf connects via built-in Wi-Fi and can be powered by a connected cable to a power outlet. However, the built-in battery (four AAA batteries) allows for use in any space and it comes in three sizes (7″x7″, 12″x10″ and 18″x13″) so it can be used to track practically anything, from coffee cups and pens to printer paper to toilet paper.

For retailers looking to give the tech a spin, it isn’t available for purchase yet. Amazon is working closely with a number of small businesses that will begin trialing the Dash Smart Shelf this month. It does however have a signup to get emailed when the shelf is released to the public here.