American Apparel Boosts Sales Using In-Store Inventory Management

American Apparel increases sales per store, inventory accuracy, and associate productivity after rolling an item-level inventory management solution across 10 stores. American Apparel selected Xterprise Clarity Advanced Retail Solution (ARS) system based on the software's item-level inventory management capabilities and the ability to meet the volume and complexity of the retailer's growing retail chain network.

American Apparel uses the solution across ten of its stores to gain visibility and control of inventory at the item and store network levels. The solution automates many previously manual, time-consuming processes, including merchandise receiving and matching, restocking and cycle counts.

The software also features integrated loss prevention using RFID. American Apparel uses the solution to improve the speed and precision of cycle counts, gain a comprehensive view of in-store inventory, reduce shrinkage and out-of-stocks.
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