American Apparel Touts Largest Fashion Retail RFID Rollout at NRF

RFID vendor Xterprise , a  provider of RFID solutions for retail, proclaimed that American Apparel has achieved the largest fashion retail RFID rollout in North America at this week's NRF show. 

"By using technology from Xterprise (and replacing a competitive solution), American Apparel has increased sales per store, inventory accuracy, customer satisfaction and associate productivity," Xterprise said.
Xterprise reported more than 95 percent inventory accuracy and 50-75 percent decrease in out of stocks for American Apparel.

According to American Apparel, it  has increased sales per store, inventory accuracy, customer satisfaction and associate productivity by deploying the Xterprise Clarity Advanced Retail Solution (ARS) system across 10 stores.
"RFID is the future of retail because it is a better way of managing inventory, period. Working with 65 or 75 percent inventory accuracy is a thing of the past. Every retailer can make more money by making replenishment more efficient, but that is just the start of what RFID can do," said Zander Livingston, Director of RFID for American Apparel. "The business insight portion of the Xterprise solution makes it possible for us to check, in real time, on the heartbeat of each store using the system today, but the deeper opportunity lies in the ability to scale and meet changing business requirements as we continue to grow."

American Apparel says it selected Xterprise based on the company's experience with large RFID deployments, unique item-level inventory management capabilities and the ability to scale to meet the volumes and complexities of a growing retail chain network.

Xterprise is exhibiting with Microsoft in Booth 836 and Motorola in Booth 1623 at the NRF Show.