Analytics Unite 2020: See What You Missed!


The 2020 Analytics Unite virtual experience provided retail and consumer goods executives with the unprecedented opportunity to learn from the industry’s leading analytic experts from around the world.

All of this year's amazing educational sessions are available on-demand. Just click on the title below to see the session for free. 

Experience first-hand intelligence and inspiration from global thought-leaders and virtual breakout sessions to help you:

  • Transform your brand and organization through purpose-driven analytics
  • Navigate the “new normal” of retail in the face of a worldwide pandemic
  • Identify your company’s unique value proposition to better connect with consumers
  • Leverage next-gen data and analytics to reimagine your business for future success

Join in on the experience by clicking the sessions below!

Day 1:

Opening Keynote: Purpose-Driven Analytics

As the retail and the consumer goods communities continue to grapple with the new normal, having a purpose-driven organization has never been more important. That is why Analytics Unite 2020 is putting purpose front-and-center by kicking off the Summit with a company that is taking the lead on running an enterprise with a purpose (and still experiencing growth and success along the way). With new technologies like AI and machine learning giving retail and consumer goods brands more access to data than ever before, it is crucial to have a purpose and a solid code of ethics when analyzing those insights. This inspiring keynote will outline how doing good is ultimately beneficial and how leading organizations can take this opportunity to transform their organizations and stand for something positive.

Speakers: Filippo Catalano, CIO, Nestlé; Francesco Marzoni, Data & Analytics Officer, Nestle

CEO Fireside Chat: Leading With Purpose

Garry Ridge and Cheryl Perkins will discuss how WD-40 Company’s strategic vision has evolved to keep pace with a changing marketplace amid the ongoing health crisis and the role data-fueled insight has played in reshaping its corporate agenda. Ridge will share what opportunities he sees and how a dedication to purpose, people and values has helped WD-40 Company solve varied business challenges. Ridge and Perkins will explore key topics including values, emerging business models, resiliency, innovation, corporate culture and operating with a purpose.

Speakers: Cheryl Perkins, CEO, Innovationedge, LLC; Garry Ridge, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, WD-40 Company

A Case Study in Connecting with Data

Leading retailers and consumer goods companies are leveraging next-gen, data-infused insight to reimagine the consumer experience for short-term necessities and long-term success. From new shopping models to innovative fulfillment options the path to purchase is constantly evolving and being infused with engaging and memorable experiences designed to facilitate a lasting relationship with consumers with data as its backbone. This session will explore how to design and implement a meaningful, engaging and safe consumer experience through a first-hand case study in success.

Speakers: Kirk Ball, EVP and Chief Technology Officer, Giant Eagle; John Backhouse, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Giant Eagle

Analysts Panel – The Strategies You Need Now to Survive and Thrive

The retail and consumer goods industries were turned on their heads with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and things are not likely to return to ‘normal’ anytime soon. To win in this new competitive landscape, tech-savvy retailers and CGs are strategically investing in data-powered solutions at an increased rate as they look to not only predict future demand but realign their operations for maximum efficiency. This panel of leading industry analysts will explore the strategic analytic approaches companies should be exploring as they retool their enterprises for a reimagined marketplace.

Speakers: Leslie Hand, Vice President, IDC Retail Insights; Joseph Skorupa, Editor-At-Large of RIS News, EnsembleIQ; Michael Schrage, Research Fellow, MIT

DAY 2:

Keynote: Future Retail: Where Do We Go From Here?

While e-commerce sales are soaring, the store is still the revenue king. But to maintain its lofty perch at the top of the food chain when a level of normalcy returns to the industry, the physical retail environment must drastically evolve. In this session renowned industry analyst Sucharita Kodali, will explore the current state of the store and provide their vision for the short- and long-term future for physical retail. The conversation will focus on the tactical approaches retailers can employ now to revamp their stores, engage with shoppers, and create a safe environment for both consumers and employees.

Speakers: Sucharita Kodali, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Digital Natives Driving Disruption Panel

The explosion of digital shopping has upended the industry, forcing both retailers and consumer goods companies to completely alter their business models to compete. But that disruption has brought with it a great opportunity: an opportunity to leverage big data analytics to reimagine what the path to purchase is, and will become. In this session a panel of industry leaders will share how they embraced this digital transformation and are using innovative digital tools to win shoppers’ hearts, minds and wallets.

Speakers: Ivonne Kinser, Head of Digital Marketing, Avocados From Mexico; Scott Benedict, Director & Executive Professor, Texas A&M University - Center for Retailing Studies; Alexander Sienkiewicz, Chief Marketing Officer, SwimOutlet; Jennelle Nystrom, Head of Product, Farmstead

Agility Crisis: COVID-19 Was Just the Catalyst; Your Data Strategy Is the Problem

The pandemic has shown that “data for the sake of data” is a dead end. Leveraging oceans of data pools is of zero value if you’re not asking the right questions. At the very least, data scientists should have been warning the c-suite of dramatically changing consumer preferences and supply chain vulnerabilities in 2018 and 2019. Creating the right use case, and aligning IT and business teams is key to purpose-driven analytics. Join our experts as we share how to leverage analytic toolsets and develop a strategy that allows you to quickly pivot and respond to developing trends.

Speakers: Matthew Gardner, Industry Executive Advisor, SAP; Robin Wilson, Industry Executive Advisor, SAP; Jason Yeung, Vice President, Center of Excellence, Data & Analytics, SAP; Paul Larson, Industry Executive Advisor, Customer Innovation Office, SAP

The Imperative of AI in Retail

Learn how retailers and brands are successfully leveraging machine learning and AI across their enterprise value chain to drive profitable growth quickly in rapidly changing times.

Speakers: Prem Kiran, Founder, CEO, Hypersonix Inc.; Brian Kilcourse, Managing Partner, RSR Research

How to implement AI Across the Value Chain

Join Peak’s industry experts to discover the transformative impact of artificial intelligence (AI). They’ll be discussing how to get started with the technology in your business, and its ability to optimize processes and drive outcomes across a business’ entire value chain. They’ll also walk you through several customer success stories, ensuring you go away with some practical advice to help kick-start your own AI journey.

Speakers: Martin Sutton, Partnership Director, Peak; Will Dutton, Director of Manufacturing, Peak; Chris Ashley, Head of Customer Strategy, Peak

Why Is Real-Time Consumer Shopping Engagement Important at the POS

Retail Aware, Capgemini and Serigraph will reveal the truth about in-store shopping engagement, and discuss how engagement is key to helping retailers, agencies and brands drive superior corporate KPIs, ROI and growth. Keith, Joe and Christine will participate in a round-table discussion exploring the importance of engagement, giving plenty of real-life examples.

Speakers: Keith Fix, CEO, Retail Aware; Joe Vernon, Practice Leader Supply Chain Analytics, Capgemini; Christine Ryder, VP Growth, Serigraph

Day 3:

Keynote: Navigating the Health and Wellness Journey

Retail and consumer goods companies have been active in the health and wellness segment for years, but have greatly increased their involvement in the face of the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak. Whether it is health clinics in stores or an increased focus on OTC products, the industry has jumped into healthcare with both feet. This panel discussion will feature executives from pharma, CG and retail exploring the growing trend and how data can help guide companies down their health and wellness journey. As consumers continue to focus on healthy living, there’s real opportunity for forward-thinking organizations if you do it right — and to do it right, you have to understand the data.

Speakers: Andy Walter, Strategic Advisor, P&G (retired); Guilherme Amaral, Global Digital Transformation Manager, Reckitt Benckiser; Loic Giraud, Analytics COE lead, Novartis; Julie Stewart, Former, Divisional VP, DaVita Healthcare

Value Chain Analytics: From React & Respond to Predict & Plan

Advancements in technology have allowed consumer goods companies to design and manufacture products faster than ever before, sell those goods in multiple channels, and quickly react to changing demands ― dynamically transforming the entire global supply chain. These value chains produce troves of data and insights that can help CG companies maintain a competitive edge. This session will explore how organizations can incorporate cognitive, predictive and prescriptive analytic strategies to supercharge the value chain and how they can be leveraged to improve operations in times of unprecedented demand.

Speakers: Ash Mehra, Global Data and Analytics Lead and North America CIO, Mondelēz International; Abdul Raheem, Chief Data Scientist, Mondelez International

Analytics Study Panel

For seven years the Retail and Consumers Goods Analytics study has been benchmarking the analytic maturity of the retail and consumer goods industries. The editors of RIS & CGT will explore this year’s results from the main stage. Joining the editors in the analysis of the findings will be thought leaders from around the industry who will share their unique perspective from the field.

Speakers: Tim Denman, Editor in Chief, CGT/RIS; Dev Kannabiran, Director, Advanced Analytics, TIBCO; Pete Reilly, Co-Founder and Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, AnswerRocke; tKrish Thyagarajan, President & COO, DataWeave

Closing Keynote: Purpose-Driven Analytics: Charting a Course that's Right for Your Business

Analytics without purpose is like a sports car without an engine ― all show and no go. In this closing keynote, industry luminaries Jamie Head and Rick Davis will dive deep into how to not only build a high capability analytics solution set, but how to align your capabilities to your company’s unique value proposition.

Speakers: Jamie Head, Chief Digital & Technology Officer, Ocean Spray; Rick Davis, President, DDG, LLC

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