Analytics Unite 2022: Procter & Gamble's David Dittman Joins Loyalty Talk

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The key word for 2022 is acceleration. Businesses are innovating at top speeds, hoping to meet the rapidly changing face of today’s consumer.

While acquiring new business is certainly a focal point, the other side of the coin — retention — is just as valuable, if not more. In fact, according to RIS research, 55% of retailers report their loyalty members have made a purchase in the past three months, indicating that loyalty efforts are a boon for the industry. 

Learn what it takes to create an impactful loyalty strategy that not only strengthens existing consumer relationships, but incentivizes others to join and reap the rewards. We’ll be discussing the topic at length at this year’s Analytics Unite: The Summit for Retail and Consumer Brands — being held live from June 21-23 at the Drake Hotel in Chicago.

P&G Joins the Conversation

Retail and CPG companies are shifting loyalty efforts into hyperdrive. David Dittman, vice president and chief analytics officer at Procter & Gamble, will be joining the “Innovative Loyalty: Identify the Data that Creates Obsessed Consumers” session.

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From leveraging deeper consumer insights to pinpoint shopping triggers and identifying motivations, to bolstering the brand to reflect values and practices that the modern customer can get behind, Dittman will be discussing these topics and more.

With more than 12 years of experience at P&G, Dittman has focused on leveraging analytics into P&G’s marketing, product supply, and customer business development organizations. He was previously responsible for establishing the business intelligence and analytics organization for Asia in Singapore. Dittman is a frequent industry speaker and is passionate around using analytics to make unconventional connections across all aspects of business.

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You’ll also hear from Cameron Davies, Yum! Brand’s chief data officer, who is responsible for leading the corporate data and analytics strategy at the company, leading the development and adoption of advanced data capabilities. Davies also spent over 18 years at the Walt Disney Company developing and leading advanced analytical teams for a variety of business areas.

Interested in learning how to tackle the seemingly endless void that is consumer intelligence, and create a purposeful loyalty strategy that best utilizes this data? Register for the event today.

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