Apparel Firms Save Time, Fabric With Latest Lectra Software

Lectra debuted the Diamino V6, the latest release of its pre-costing and marker-making solution.

The marker-making phase, where pieces are laid out on fabric, leather or another material before cutting, is a sensitive and critical step for manufacturers, because it involves evaluating many different "what-if" scenarios in order to maximize material consumption. Often, schedules are tight and this is when material issues make themselves known.

Better ergonomics and automatic markers for increased usability and speed
The design, management and post-treatment of markers has been overhauled, to make the overall marker development and management process faster and easier to carry out. "We have experienced a 0.3 percent increase in material savings as compared to the previous version of Diamino," says Francisco Carlos Tomazoni, cutting room manager of Brazilian casualwear company Malwee.

In addition, non-specialist profiles like product managers, cutting room managers, research departments and product development teams can now have access to this information. Fabrics can also be visualized in the marker layout to enhance the impact of fabric choices on cost, while providing clear visual instructions on repeat placement and orientation. "We now better control material consumption and cost and have improved our ability to foresee problems," says Davide Lunardon, CAD manager, Staff International, part of the Diesel Group.

Fabric quality has always been a tedious issue for manufacturers, and enhanced algorithms save an enormous amount of time when automatically processing specific fabric constraints. Diamino now also supports production constraints such as tubular fabrics and shading so that users can quickly neutralize potential issues that could slow production. "With the new capacity to control for tubular fabrics, we've observed a 30 percent reduction in processing time and a 5 percent increase in fabric savings," says Geovane Rech, owner of Brazilian casualwear manufacturer Abrange.

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