April Smartphone Commerce Jumps 115 Percent YoY

Branding Brand, a mobile commerce platform provider, released the results of its Mobile Commerce Index for April 2014. The exclusive worldwide data sample reports smartphone-generated traffic, orders, and revenue by consumers to retailer smartphone-optimized websites from April 2014 vs. April 2013.

Issued monthly, the Mobile Commerce Index report identifies customer mobile commerce use and trends worldwide across a consistent sample of 18 major clients in various industries, including apparel, health and beauty, and home goods. The Index is the largest collection of data on commerce culled from retail websites specifically optimized for smartphones.

Compared to 2013, the Branding Brand Mobile Commerce Index shows the following year-over-year differential for the 18 clients tracked:

April 2014                                           

April 2013

Smartphone visits: 17,804,155                

Smartphone visits: 9,686,235

Smartphone orders: 106,163                   

Smartphone orders: 54,066

Smartphone revenue: $11,852,897          

Smartphone Revenue: $5,490,741

Year-Over-Year Mobile Growth Rates from April 2013 to April 2014:
Smartphone visits increased 83.8 percent
Smartphone orders increased 96.4 percent
Smartphone revenue increased 115.9 percent

Additional data on mobile market share:

In April 2014, smartphones generated 29.3 percent of total online visits (62.9 percent iOS, 36.3 percent Android), up 45.0 percent from April 2013. The market share of non-mobile (desktop) visits decreased 22.3 percent from April 2013 to April 2014.

"The triple digit gains we're seeing in client revenue growth points to the conclusion that mobile commerce is simply exploding," said Chris Mason, Branding Brand co-founder and CEO. "Smartphones are redefining the way retailers are connecting with their customers, and it's clearly being reflected in the bottom line."
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