Aquadye Fibers invents new moisture management fabric, dries four times faster than popular current moisture management fabrics.


La Lame Inc. is the exclusive representative of the new fabric, Dri-Ice

Aquadye Fibers Inc. has invented a new moisture management fabric that dries 4 times faster than popular current moisture management fabrics. La Lame Inc. is the exclusive representative of this new fabric called "Dri-Ice." Aquadye Fibers Inc. has a US patent pending.

Wicks Moisture: No chemicals are used yet this unique fabric wicks moisture away from the skin as efficiently as anything currently on the market.

Fast Drying: This composite fabric will dry 4x faster than fabrics currently available. It is soft to the touch and is very comfortable to wear.

Aquadye uses a composite knit fabric, which is a half polypropylene and half micro denier polyester. Aquadye says the key to staying cool during and after heavy exercise is to have the moisture or perspiration wick away form the skin yet dry quickly and not be absorbed by the fabric.

No Pill No Fuzz: Because the fabric is made using continuous filament yarns Fuzzing and pilling cannot occur.

Aquadye says that the effect built into their fabric, is like a tiny window screen. Any time you wet a screen the moisture is trapped in the little squares but will not be absorbed by the screen itself. The perspiration coming from the body wicks into the little squares in the fabric but is not absorbed by the yarn. The moisture that is in the squares is free to be dissipated into the atmosphere.

Cotton Yarn: Most fabrics made with cotton yarn will absorb eight times its weight into the fiber. It takes 8x as long to evaporate as Aquadye Fibers Inc. new patent pending composite fabric.

Polyester: Active wear sports shirts are almost always made of 100% polyester chemically treated to absorb moisture. These fabrics also contain elastane yarn and due to compression will stick to the skin when wet. Since the moisture is absorbed into the yarn it takes 4x as long to evaporate as the new Aquadye fabric.

No chemicals treatment or elastane yarn is used to make the Aquadye fabric so the fabric will not stick to the skin. The active wear apparel made using Aquadye Fibers Inc. new composite fabric will stretch yet remain loose fitting enough to allow moisture to evaporate very quickly.

Easy Wash: In addition to fast acting evaporation, the Aquadye patent pending composite is able to withstand repeated laundering without loosing moisture management abilities. Even chlorine bleach has no effect on the fabric or colors.

Aquadye Moisture Management Fabrics are available in most popular colors. All colors are fast to washing even when using chlorine bleach. This is because the fabric is pigment dyed and the other is dyed using high-energy dyes at high temperatures.

Free Samples: La Lame is currently giving designers free samples of fabric or free active wear shirts made from this unique fabric while the supply lasts,.

See or Call Glen Schneer at LaLame. 132 W 36th St. 11th floor NY, NY 10018. You can call Glen at 212-921-9770 x 2 or call his cell 917-941-8216. . You can even request free samples via fax by sending a fax to Glen at 212-921-8167

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