Art of Men Improves UX With 3D Body Scanning

The Dortmund menswear specialist "Art of Men" recently started using a 3D Body Scanner from Human Solutions GmbH for acquiring the body dimensions of its customers. In just 12 seconds, all the dimensions of the customer are captured and available for further use – and that means more time for customer advice, the selection of the model and the fabric, plus all the details that are required for garments that will last.

The VITUS LC3 3D bodyscanner provides master tailor Georg Leist with his customers' precise body measurements – at a maximum of just one millimeter deviation and in only 12 seconds. "The body scanner discovers details that we find it hard to see with the naked eye" says Leist. "Training our staff in how to use the scanner and its software was fast and well-organized – and they really enjoy working with the system. For many of our customers, scanning makes a visit to us a very special experience."

Sustainability has arrived in the world of fashion
Many people associate the words "tailored suit" with a lot of time and effort for taking measurements, discussions with the salesperson and trying on the garments. "Taking measurements with the scanner appeals to a lot of tech-savvy men," says Dr. Helga GÄbel of 3D bodyscanner sales at Human Solutions. "And when they put on their new tailored suit, its outstanding wearer comfort totally convinces them. The concept of sustainability is becoming increasingly popular in fashion today – many men value high quality and appreciate a tailored suit in a timeless design that can be worn over many years."

Fast measurement = more time for creativity
Thanks to the speedy measurement process, there is more time for consultation and the selection of the desired suit. The core business of "Art of Men" is formal wear and apparel for bridegrooms. The company offers both made-to-measure suits and around 1,500 ready-to-wear suits that are always in stock. These also include collections in a modular system, already manufactured and tailored to fit individual body measurements, like the waisting of sport coats and the shortening of pants legs.

Complete system for tailored clothing in use
The Human Solutions bodyscanner takes the measurements – but the Human Solutions software INTAILOR for computerized customization production is also now a key player at "Art of Men." Intailor is the only complete system for customization, providing apparel manufacturers with an interactive product catalog, plus body measurement and the calculation of the final price — and a direct link to collection development and production, all in one seamless process. This makes the ordering process and production of batch sizes a lot more interesting from a financial standpoint.

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