ASICS Gets Serious About the Customer Experience


ASICS Global Digital selected Anypoint Platform™ from MuleSoft, Inc. to enhance customer experiences across its subsidiary companies and brands.

ASICS Global Digital is the ASICS division responsible for the continued development of Runkeeper and other consumer-centric digital platforms. Anypoint is a platform for building application networks

ASICS will leverage the platform to power new e-commerce capabilities that will allow it to build direct and personalized relationships with its customers across the globe.

ASICS is a global athletic footwear and apparel company with over 60 years of experience creating advanced performance products. In March of 2016 ASICS acquired Runkeeper, a mobile fitness app, and established ASICS Global Digital to take charge of digital innovation throughout the company.

Anypoint Platform unlocks critical customer data for ASICS

ASICS selected MuleSoft to modernize customer experiences across all ASICS brands and digital channels. Since implementing MuleSoft in April, ASICS Global Digital has already completed its first project with Anypoint Platform. In just four weeks, the athletic apparel company has transitioned ASICS Europe B.V. and other divisions to a new, modern e-commerce platform, built on Salesforce Commerce Cloud. By taking an API-led approach, ASICS Global Digital unlocked backend systems and promoted governed access to critical customer information, including real-time inventory, real-time pricing and order statuses.

“Our primary goal at ASICS Global Digital is to transform the way that we connect with consumers by creating innovative digital solutions,” said Dan Smith, senior general manager ASICS Global Digital. “In many cases, our first step is implementing technology like MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform to help organize the complex network of ASICS e-commerce sites and build direct to consumer communications.”

ASICS takes API-led approach to accelerate complete company-wide transformation

In its second project with MuleSoft, ASICS will leverage Anypoint Platform to roll out Salesforce Commerce Cloud across all ASICS brands including ASICS, Runkeeper and Haglofs. By exposing existing IT assets through APIs, ASICS is creating an application network where systems can be used and reused to rapidly compose new applications. The Haglofs’ transition to Salesforce Commerce Cloud is expected to be delivered even more quickly as a result of the API-led approach used in the ASICS Europe B.V. project. ASICS will be able to reuse the core building blocks produced in the first project, such as APIs for order status, inventory and pricing. For example, the “ASICS Email API,” which was created in the first project to streamline communications to customers about order shipments and changes in product inventory, will be reused dozens of times as the e-commerce platform is rolled out globally.

“By leveraging MuleSoft, we have saved months of development time and enabled our system to be highly versatile,” said Phil Connaughton, director of engineering, Runkeeper. “With the agility provided by Anypoint Platform, we expect to complete our e-commerce platform migration in roughly half the time we had projected, allowing our customers to get access to new features, such as enhanced promotions, even more quickly.”

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