assyst, Human Solutions Innovate in CAD, PLM, Body Scanning

In line with the slogan “Fashion. Inspired by technology,” assyst and Human Solutions will present their new seamless product and service portfolio at the Texprocess in Frankfurt on May 24, 2011. The portfolio is packed with innovations ranging from CAD and PLM to 3D body scanning and 3D simulation. The innovations include a reference process, CAD integration with PLM GoLive, smart.label technology in cad.assyst and the automated optimization of tables of sizes in iSize.

“Since the takeover of assyst eighteen months ago, we've been working on groundbreaking innovations to continue pushing the technological envelope as a leader in this field. Thanks to the merger of the two companies, we now have the opportunity to give the textile world a completely seamless process, from target group-specific sizes tables and automatic construction alterations to actual visualization in 3D. The changes in our technology are truly revolutionary - and the same applies to the changes which can consequently be implemented into fashion,"
says Dr. Andreas Seidl, Managing Partner of assyst GmbH and Human Solutions GmbH.

"Our 20.11 generation brings something new to every area of product development. Its common theme is our customers' need for seamless information and processes, user-friendly operation and labor-saving procedures. And we'll also be presenting many innovations at the Texprocess - innovations that will take our branch forwards into the future,” adds Seidl.

CAD & Grading
assyst supports its customers by means of innovations in CAD management, while cad.assyst 20.11 enables remote access on the road and the centralized management of the software, which will also become much simpler. The module “easy-2-install” enables customers' IT teams to carry out upgrades and support much more easily.

One of the highlights among the many new functions is the smart.label technology, which assigns typical design properties to construction elements. This technology combines several lines into a seam (which then behaves like a seam within the construction).

There are new, user-friendly user interfaces for cad.assyst, lay.assyst and plot.entry.

The automation software smart.pattern has been expanded to include new macros and macro commands. This enables e.g. routine adaptation in data conversion or the matching of linings/interlinings.

Product Life Cycle Management
PLM GoLive will revolutionize the product development process with new prices, new modules and a completely new concept. The new assyst software is based on a proven, complete development process. This makes the software more economical - and companies can immediately work with it “out-of-the box”. In cases where the given process path is not suitable, individual customization can be carried out (as in the previous release).

Existing customers who wish to integrate new modules into their systems will also benefit from the new PLM concept. And PLM GoLive has a lot more to offer here too - on the management level, for example, PLM GoLive has been expanded to include comprehensive framework collection planning and intensive management reporting. And cad.assyst is now fully integrated to provide optimal continuity in collection development. This enables design data to be optimally managed - and the workflows of design construction can also be controlled via PLM.

Laying individual pieces and preparing for production
With Generation 20.11, automarker and autocost are now seamlessly integrated into the service portal. The automarker program has also something new to offer - comprehensive functionality for structured laying, e.g. of simple and complex pattern repeats, in quality zones and for laying bundle by bundle or laying fixing blocks. The autocost program has also been given brand-new functions, including the transmission of material requirements in ERP systems, flexible order structuring and more depth of information about capacity planning, query parameters and evaluation.

Sizing & Fitting
Seamless availability is the main innovation for the topic of “fit”. iSize facilitates the selection and the optimization of tables of sizes - and then passes on the results for immediate use in cad.assyst's CAD construction program. Here tables can also be displayed as Scanatars in 3D – either in iSize's Preview or as a download in vidya.

3D visualization & simulation
A realistic drape increases simulation quality for complex designs in vidya. Now approximately two-thirds of all collection designs can be optimally simulated - and this opens the door for process innovations, like the digital try-on at the store in the “Virtual Mirror”. And vidya now has more movement too! The virtual model can now take up any target pose, like sitting, taking a step or stretching out his or her arms. And the interaction between 2D and 3D has also received a new lease of life... the smart.label technology in cad.assyst now simplifies the transfer of individual constructions to vidya.

3D Body Scanning and MtM
The SizeGERMANY serial measurement program showed just how valuable exact dimensions can be - but the program also proved how vital comprehensive data on body volume and posture is for product development.
The acquisition of measurements by means of scanners is also an important engine for innovative processes. Take the Virtual Mirror, for example - the digital try-on at the point of sales which Human Solutions will present for the first time at the Texprocess.

With cad.assyst, plan.assyst and automarker, assyst offers seamless support for product development in the manufacture of furniture and in vehicle interior fitting. Visitors to the Texprocess can experience assyst technology being used first-hand for the prestigious manufacturer Koinor and find out more about the 20.11 technology strategy for interiors.

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