attune Rolls Out Fashion Suite for Omnichannel Brands

attune Consulting introduced attune Fashion Suite, a set of pre-configured solutions that are deployable in the cloud or on premise. The suite enables fashion companies to quickly implement and derive benefit from SAP Fashion Management – a new vertical solution that SAP co-developed with attune to bring wholesale, manufacturing and retail business operations onto a single integrated platform.

The attune Fashion Suite addresses key areas of the fashion business – inventory, cross-channel visibility and allocation. Coupled with attune's cloud deployment model, attune Fashion Suite gets customers deployed on SAP Fashion Management at a fraction of the time and cost. Fashion companies, in turn, are able to quickly realize the powerful benefits of a unified omnichannel strategy by gaining a seamless, integrated view across their wholesale, retail and manufacturing operations, as well as global sourcing.

"Fashion is about the brand. Consumers engage with the brand on their own terms, and that means the advantage goes to brands and retailers who are most responsive, agile and accommodating," said Marshall Gordon, chief innovation officer at attune. "attune Fashion Suite provides this advantage by leveraging the combined view and resources of a brand's wholesale and retail sales channels with their supply chain to serve the customer. Delivering this using pre-configured solutions and cloud delivery realizes this goal in less time." 

Creating the fashion brand omnichannel powerhouse
For decades, fashion brands have operated in a siloed manner, with dedicated operations and resources to design, develop and sell merchandise seasonally. With the rise of fast fashion and omnichannel retailing, fashion brands are looking to unite their operations and realize the full power of their global supply chains to create a demand-driven business that extends from the consumer to the factory floor.

attune Fashion Suite is uniquely able to help fashion companies achieve this vision based on the company's experience co-developing SAP Fashion Management, its years of fashion industry expertise working with leading fashion brands and its cloud deployment model.

attune Fashion Suite offers pre-configured processes across Merchandising, Logistics Execution and Finance. By deploying these solutions, fashion companies can quickly optimize the full potential of SAP Fashion Management and transform their businesses in the following three areas:
  • Inventory planning – Enables fashion companies to take a holistic view of merchandise demand to more accurately plan for inventory levels across wholesale, manufacturing and retail businesses.
  • Cross-channel visibility – Brings inventory data from across the entire business onto a single system, giving fashion brands unprecedented insight into where merchandise is located globally, at any given time.
  • Allocation optimization – Evaluates demand and available inventory across channels to provide real-time insight that is used to optimize or reallocate merchandise as needed.
"attune Fashion Suite empowers fashion companies to execute an unconstrained omnichannel strategy," added Gordon. "Excess stock, for example, in a retail store can be easily reallocated to satisfy a wholesale or e-commerce order. This is the power of having a single, integrated view. Fashion companies avoid a markdown by selecting to fulfill consumer demand from the optimal location or channel."
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