Avery Dennison Solution Helps Fulfill CPSIA Demands, Offers Online Data Management

A new labeling solution that allows manufacturers to fulfill U.S. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) requirements for product tracking, and then manage the tracking data online, is now available from Avery Dennison.

The solution, called Universal Track and Trace, consists of Avery Dennison printers, tag and label design software, and the D2Comm(TM) online data management tool. It allows users to print and capture specific label data that is mandated by CPSIA, and then add a unique serial number on the label that ties it to additional production data. The data can be viewed and downloaded from a secure web site.

The CPSIA regulations, which became effective August 14, 2009 are designed to protect children by aiding in the recall of unsafe products, including apparel, footwear, bedding and accessories.

The regulations require that a permanently applied label contain the product's production location and date, as well as the manufacturer's name and the product's batch or lot number. The mandate affects apparel manufacturers and importers that supply children's products.

With the Universal Track and Trace program, factories can incorporate a unique alphanumeric identifier or garment license plate into product tracking labels, and create links to component information and other specific manufacturing data.

Universal Track and Trace can also be used by label designers who may want to save a fabric lot's purchase order number even though the number does not appear on the label. They can save this data by having the Universal Track and Trace system take the whole data file used to print the labels. Specifically, the system captures the fabric lot and its purchase order number, and then aligns it with a a bundle, cut order or even a specific garment by using a unique alphanumeric identifier.
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