Aztec Shops Unifies Workforce Data

How does a company that employs about 140 full-time staff and up to 900 part-time associates — most of whom are students with constantly evolving schedules — organize its workforce, while keeping everything transparent and compliant? That’s the question Aztec Shops, Ltd. was asking when it realized its manual systems were outdated.

Aztec Shops oversees all of the retail operations for San Diego State University, including the mall retail stores, campus bookstores, convenience stores, Starbucks, and more. Using a manual scheduling system, managers needed a week to schedule associates and weren’t always sure scheduling policies were consistently applied, while employees had limited access to their time and pay information, causing compliance concerns.

“Our system before was run by one manager and myself for payroll, HR,” explained Leah Messenger, CPP, project/payroll manager. “Employees didn’t have access to their timecards. The only way they could see their times is if they went to their manager’s office and asked to see their timecard or if their manager had a problem.”

“The system constantly needed maintenance, constantly needed patches,” Jahan Jamshidi, IT director, said. “The whole thing was dependent on one person, the system was totally unstable.” Data was accurate, he noted, “but if my programmer was not here the system could not function.”

To fix the problem, Aztec Shops choose a unified solution from Kronos that could connect all of its labor-related processes, including timekeeping, HR and payroll, scheduling, and absence management. Following implementation, Aztec Shops has enjoyed campus-wide benefits including improved compliance, detailed audit trails, and better control of labor costs with the elimination of “buddy punching.”
Aztec Shops eventually moved its Kronos workforce management applications to the Kronos Cloud. Once deployed, Kronos began to perform all configuration, maintenance, upgrades, and support of the workforce management solutions, which freed up the IT department of Aztec Shops to focus on other priorities,  
“Self-service” was another reason they choose Kronos, said Messenger. Employees can put in their own information, which is easily accessed by employees, managers, and HR in a single system.

“All of this stuff has been reducing so much load on personal, because the users now have direct access to their information, as well as requesting time off or checking their last payroll,” said Jamshidi.

Employee satisfaction has also improved. “It is becoming a normal thing, especially with our population being young students where everything has to be at their fingertips,” explained Jamshidi. He said he hasn’t had any negative feedback.
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