Barneys New York Launches New E-Commerce Site

Luxury retailer Barneys New York goes live on the Demandware E-Commerce Platform. Barneys new site helps the retailer scale as needed across key holiday seasons and handle complex transactions, while providing the luxury retailer the ability to own merchandising capabilities and have full control over the day-to-day management of the site.

The Barneys e-commerce team now has the flexibility to instantly control the user experience and drive creative and targeted merchandising that helps customers make educated buying decisions - without having to involve the IT department each time a change needs to be made.

"The scalable Demandware platform positions us well for the continued growth and evolution of our e-commerce business," says Larry Promisel, Barneys vice president of e-commerce. "The ability to seamlessly manage content allows our marketers and merchandisers to focus their energies on providing customers a highly engaging and captivating site experience. In addition, the flexibility and control of the Demandware platform enables us to provide a more robust, feature-rich, sophisticated environment for our multi-channel initiatives. We're confident that we have found true partners that will assist us in delivering the level of service our customers expect."

Barneys also receives automatic upgrades. Additionally, the retailer uses the platform to handle seasonal and marketing-related spikes in Web traffic without having to incur unnecessary hardware, IT and staffing expenses.
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