Bassett Furniture Automates Global Sourcing

Bassett Furniture was hounding for more efficiency across its global supply chain. Through deployment of a global sourcing platform, it now deals with its overseas business functions in a paperless, automated fashion.

TradeCard's hosted sourcing platform automates processes from purchase order through payment to improve visibility, control and collaboration. This includes automation of the accounts payable process. Functions flow through a rapidly deployed smart network. Services and trading partners are delivered on a software-as-a-service supply chain platform. TradeCard's global sourcing platform has local support in more than 45 countries.

Visibility through TradeCard enables Bassett to make sure customers receive the right furniture at the right time. It allows the retailer to provide more style and customization options and ensure that furniture is delivered within the 30 days that the company promises.

"We recognized that with the right supply chain approach, we could enhance the customer experience and continue to deliver on our 30 day promise," says Keith Sanders, senior vice president of Bassett Furniture. "Our strategic sourcing organization enables us to deliver customized products in less time, with less cost, by leveraging a value network of suppliers and service providers."

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