Beall's Selects VeriFone Multimedia Payment Systems

Beall's, a department store with locations from Florida to California, has selected VeriFone Systems to supply its stores with MX 915 advanced payment and media-enabled solutions. The retailer will also use VeriFone HQ, an advanced estate management solution, to keep stores up-to-date
The MX 915 is a customer-facing system that provides compatibility with evolving mobile/NFC wallets, EMV smartcards and other payment methods.
"We are delighted with MX 915 and the alignment with our store systems modernization project to provide flexible payment solutions to our family of Outlet stores," said Dave Massey CIO for Beall's. "As a customer facing device, we are pleased with the new sleek lines of the device and the crisp color display. From the technical perspective, this solution sets the framework for Beall's to readily adapt to future mobile/NFC and EMV supporting a full complement of payment transactions. Additionally, Beall's will be taking advantage of the VeriFone HQ software to facilitate our management of these devices."
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