The Bean Increases Loyalty with Mobile Payments

The Bean, a New York City-based multi-chain coffee shop, began using the integrated ShopKeep and LevelUp system. In less than two weeks, 30% of customers using the LevelUp payment system through the ShopKeep POS terminal returned to the store. Those customers have been to The Bean five or more times to receive the 1% discount the retailer offers.
LevelUp allows smartphone users to make payments at the POS by presenting a QR code in front of a special scanner, it does not charge for payments but charges for use of a loyalty system to attract new business. The Bean has been using ShopKeep's cloud-based system for three years and has separately used LevelUp for about a year.
"We benefit from the ShopKeep system because we're able to get information from wherever we are whenever we need it," said Ike Escava, owner of The Bean. "With the old system, report would have to be created at the store, slowing down registers and sometimes crashing the system."
The terminal and scanner also provide a quicker checkout for consumers. ShopKeep's system benefits from the simplicity of working with tablet-based and cloud-based technology.
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