Bed Bath & Beyond Recharges Omnichannel Strategy

Bed Bath & Beyond continues to make substantial capital investments in its online, mobile and social media channels to enhance customers' overall experience. CapEx spending for 2014 is planned to be $350 million, including new functionality to selling websites, a new and more robust POS system and equipping the new IT data center to name a few.
"Looking back on 2013 we have made considerable progress in many areas," commented Bed Bath & Beyond CEO Steven Temares. "To mention a few, we enhanced our omnichannel experience for our customers by re-platforming and adding improved functionality to our buybuy Baby and Bed Bath & Beyond websites, re-platforming our mobile sites and apps, and growing and developing our IT, analytics, marketing and e-commerce groups to lead our omnichannel initiatives." The company has also completed the construction of a new IT data center in North Carolina and is now equipping the facility to better support disaster recovery capabilities and overall IT systems.
With respect to 2014, Bed Bath & Beyond knows it still has progress to make, "We believe based upon the investments we have made and will continue to make that we are well positioned to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the ongoing evolution to retailing," continued Temares. "We currently have the developing ability to take an order in-store, online or through a mobile device and have it fulfilled by in-store customer pickup or shipped direct to the customer from our distribution facilities, stores or vendors and we continue to enhance these capabilities.
The planned investments for 2014 include:
  • New functionalities and assortments to selling websites, mobile sites and apps
  • Development work necessary for a new and more robust POS system
  • Deployment of systems and equipment to allow stores to take advantage of new technologies and processes
  • Strengthening IT, analytics, marketing and e-commerce groups
  • Open an additional DC for both direct-to-customer and store fulfillment
In addition, the retailer continues to grow, differentiate and leverage its assortments across all channels, concepts and countries, while striving to better understand customers' needs, allowing it to more efficiently and effectively communicate with them through growing analytic and omnichannel marketing capabilities.
Committed to the growth of its merchandise categories and channels, the retailer firmly believes that the success of the company is due to the efforts of both the associates and the unique, decentralized culture. The retailer's culture builds its foundation on the knowledge, independence and customer focus of store associates, allowing it to respond more quickly to market and channel demands as well as to changing economic conditions.