Bed Bath & Beyond Shifts to Seamless Inventory, New POS

Bed, Bath & Beyond is making substantial investments in online, mobile and social media channels to enhance the customer's overall experience. This is a period of significant investment for Bed, Bath & Beyond, and the retailer is making the appropriate investments to provide a seamless customer experience across the in-store, online, and mobile shopping channels.

"We continue to believe that the decisions and investments we are making today are positioning our company to thrive in an evolving retail landscape and to enhance shareholder value over time," said CEO Steven Memares.
The retailer will move forward with initiatives by adding new functionality and assortment to its selling websites, mobile sites and apps; furthering development work necessary for a new and more robust POS system; continuing deployment of systems and equipment to allow stores to take advantage of new technologies and processes; continuing to strengthen IT, analytics, marketing, and e-commerce groups; and opening an additional distribution facility for both direct to customer and store fulfillment.
These investments will allow customers to purchase products either in store, online, or through a mobile device. The retailer also has the developing ability to have customer purchases picked up in store or shipped direct.
CapEx spending will be focused on these initiatives and primarily include the addition of new functionality to selling websites, mobile sites, and apps, development work necessary for a new and more robust POS system, deploying systems and equipment for stores, equipping the new IT data center, and opening an additional distribution facility for DTC and store fulfilment.
The success of Bed, Bath & Beyond is built on the efforts of its associates and its unique, decentralized culture. This culture, which takes advantage of the knowledge, independence and the customer focus of associates, has always been the foundation of its long-term performance and allows the retailer to respond more quickly to market and channel demands and to changing economic conditions.
"We have the people, the resources and the capabilities to achieve our near and long term goals," noted co-chairman Warren Eisenberg.
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