Beyond the Rack Improves Efficiency with Joint Commerce Solution

Online shopping club, Beyond the Rack, was in search of a solution that would help to alleviate the manual work from both Beyond the Rack and its vendors. The e-commerce retailer has leveraged a joint solution from SPS Commerce and NetSuite to enhance collaboration, efficiency and data accuracy for more intelligent commerce. The joint solution leverages SPS Commerce's Retail Business Network with a pre-built integration to NetSuite to enable collaborative commerce with trading partners around the world, without the manual intervention, the result is the elimination of hundreds of hours a week in manual labor.
"You're talking about hundreds of hours a week we won't have to invest –we'll be able to pick, pack and ship much faster, and merchandise can come in and go out on the same day," said Jim Weinberg, president and CMO for Beyond the Rack. "We went with SPS Commerce because they offer a large retail network and could buckle their solution onto NetSuite, and that made a lot of sense to us."
SPS has provided a standardized environment to collaborate with fashion designers by easily sharing trading information, including vendor UPC code data, rather than using Excel to translate UPC data, internal Beyond the Rack barcodes and SKU numbers. The SPS Commerce/NetSuite solution is being rolled out among 200 of the retailer's top vendors with more to follow. Helping to fuel e-commerce initiatives, the joint solution alleviates the manual work for both Beyond the Rack and vendors, improving data accuracy.
The solution also automates the workflow of posting product information to the company e-commerce site, utilizing NetSuite inventory records. With SPS Commerce, Beyond the Rack is building on the success it has realized since going live on NetSuite including double-digit annual revenue growth and scalability to accommodate huge order spikes.
Created in 2007, the technology partnership between SPS Commerce and NetSuite has become a critical item for retailers doing business in the global retail ecosystem. NetSuite's focus on the retail industry and SuiteCommerce's ability to seamlessly connect many aspects of the business – e-commerce, POS, order management, merchandising, marketing, inventory, financials and customer service – helps retailers to deliver more personalized experiences, increasing sales and driving customer satisfaction. The joint solution also helps to streamline operations, reducing costs and completely and fueling business growth.
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