Beyondsoft Platform Aids E-tailers With Visual Search

Beyondsoft launched the Beyondsoft PCSSO Visual Shopping Solution, designed to help internet retailers deliver engaging shopping experiences.

The solution is directly integrated into a merchant's website at key navigation points and delivers relevant visual matches for product searches. The engine recognizes inventory and suggests visually similar items ranging from apparel to bags and shoes. It can also put together entire outfits for shoppers by matching pictures from trending looks to the merchant's available product inventory. The solution pushes forward key merchant metrics, such as bounce rates, add-to-cart conversion and average order value.

"Images are a growing inspiration for many online shoppers. We're seeing consumers spending more and more time sharing their style and exploring trends on the visual web. By bridging the gap between real world images and merchant inventory, we deliver captivating web and mobile shopping experiences where shoppers can easily find gorgeous and relevant matches from a merchant's available products," says Kris Woodbeck, the director of the Beyondsoft PCSSO Visual Shopping Solution. "PCSSO brings a delightful shopping experience to any merchant - visual navigation is a captivating way to find products without running into shopping dead ends."

The contextual image search platform PCSSO helps retailers drive online engagement and conversion rates by assisting shoppers in multiple scenarios: More Like This, Complete the Look and Out of Stock each handle key navigation points to help avoid problems like cart abandonment, website bounces, and low average order value.
  • More Like This engages shoppers to navigate a merchant's inventory by automatically suggesting visually similar looking products (within size, price and brand ranges) from the inventory.
  • Complete The Look acts as a virtual fashion consultant by identifying fashion trends from social media channels and outfit sites and matching them with merchants' inventories to give relevant shopping upsell suggestions.
  • Out Of Stock shows similar looking items that are still in stock to avoid website bounces and other shopping dead ends. The engine suggests to online shoppers similar looking in-stock items to keep them engaged on the site.
"PCSSO tackles the omnipresent challenge of the abandoned shopping cart. Conversion rates often drop due to browsing fatigue or out-of-stock items. Our new visual shopping solution PCSSO offers better and more relevant search results for online shoppers. Retailers will be able to boost their conversion rates to new levels across all channels," says Rajeev Kumar, vice president and head of business development in North America at Beyondsoft.

Beyondsoft helps leading retailers worldwide to drive customer engagement and conversions with a suite of integrated omnichannel marketing and e-commerce solutions. The digital marketing portfolio includes interactive digital strategy, e-commerce strategy and services, content services, architecture and development, web and cloud operations, marketing and web analytics as well as interactive portfolio management.

Beyondsoft is also helping retailers to tap into China, the world biggest e-commerce market, as part of its China Market Entry program.

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