Bindo Storefront Helps Local Merchants Move Online

Bindo, a retail technology company with an iPad Point-of Sale (POS) solution for merchants, announced the release of Bindo Storefront. This new technology will enable brick and-mortar retailers to better organize their businesses so that they can service both online and offline customers.

Online With One-Click: Once retailers have their Bindo POS set up, Bindo Storefront is a seamless solution that allows them to sell their entire in-store inventory online within their existing website. All the back-end functionalities of Bindo POS, such as the shopping cart, payment gateway and CRM, are automatically integrated, which allows retailers to focus on designing the look-and-feel of their e-commerce website.

"The launch of Bindo Storefront is an essential stepping stone towards providing an automated way of allowing brick-and-mortar retailers to begin selling online in an instant, giving them an additional edge over existing POS solutions that don't offer full-feature integration," says Brad Lauster, co-founder of Bindo. "With Bindo Storefront, we can also begin building more sophisticated models of consumer spending patterns. This data will help merchants better understand their customers, ultimately leading to a better shopping experience for all parties involved."

The Bindo Storefront technology was developed in order to help local merchants simplify their move to selling online. It is designed to help make local shopping easy for everyone and will serve as the middle-ground between Bindo POS and Bindo Market, which is set to launch later this year. Bindo Storefront is available to Bindo POS users and will be free until Aug. 1, 2015. After that date, any merchant can purchase the automatic online store, all of the customizations, unlimited Storefront pages and the integrated Bindo POS order management system for just $30/month.
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