Bizou Boosts Sales After Move To Gift Cards

Only six months after implementation, Bizou International reports positive results of its move from traditional paper-based gift certificates to gift cards. "Our sales results show that gift cards should be an important part of every retailer's product line-up," says Marcel Labrecque, president. The fashion jewelry and accessories retailer switched to a gift card system powered by Ernex.

The Ernex gift cards were launched at more than 200 locations in the fall of 2006. The number of gift cards sold was triple that of the number of gift certificates sold during the same timeframe in 2005. In addition, the total dollar amount sold was significantly higher. "Our goal is to be a value-added supplier of fashion jewelry and accessories, and what better benefit can you give your customers than choice," Labrecque adds.

Bizou credits the boost in sales to the ability of its stores to merchandise the cards openly. Because the cards have no value until activated at the point-of-sale there is no need to keep them hidden or behind the counter, as with gift certificates. Stores are able to put gift cards out in the open where customers can purchase them on impulse.

Data from Ernex shows that the highest number of gift card sales in 2006 were in the weeks leading up to Christmas, with Friday, December 22 being the busiest gift card purchasing day of the year.

Bizou International operates over 200 stores across Canada and employs more than 900 people. Sales in 2006 were approximately $21 million.