BJ's Improves Case Identification to Combat Fraud

BJ’s Wholesale expands a pilot test of loss-prevention software from Micros-Retail into a chain-wide deployment based on the solution's ability to improve case identification and achieve ROI.

As an existing user of Micros-Retail’s XBR softrware, BJ’s launched a pilot test of XBR Ingenium loss prevention software with advanced analytics. After a successful pilot program, BJ’s is now in the process of deploying it company-wide to increase the investigative capabilities of its asset protection team.

The new loss prevention software provides BJ's with behavioral exception reporting, which allows it to focus on key areas of fraudulent activity. Using an interactive dashboard, BJ's loss prevention team can spot high-risk areas in stores and become more proactive in identifying and resolving issues.

“Through the assistance of the Micros team, we have implemented a tool that is analyst, end-user and administrator friendly. I am confident this will drive higher case identification and provide a strong ROI in short order,” said Charles Delgado, vice president of asset protection at BJ’s.
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