Blockbuster Scores Big New Movie Edge Over Netflix, Redbox

Beleaguered retailer Blockbuster has exclusive agreements to rent out some studios' new releases the same day they are made available for sale on DVD--a full 28 days ahead of competitors Netflix and Redbox. Blockbuster is rolling out a national television ad highlighting this four-week advantage in a 30-second ad created by Euro RSCG's Chicago office.

The ad shows people being told they'll have to wait 28 days for a table at a restaurant or for an airplane flight, with a voice-over saying "You'd never wait that long, so why wait 28 days for new releases?"

Earlier this year Netflix and Redbox agreed to the 28-day delay for releases from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, Warner Home Video and Universal Studios Home Entertainment in exchange for better copy depth and distribution terms, according to a report in Planet Retail.
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